How to Style Wire Shelves for a Living Space and Kitchen

Most storage units–whether it’s a bookcase, media stand, dresser, or armoir–run north of several hundred dollars. That’s a hefty investment for a piece that might not even work in your next apartment. But when you’re residing in a small space with an even smaller closet, furniture pieces that stow your precious belongings are essential.

Our go-to, multi-use workhorse is the popular wire shelving unit. This versatile piece offers both form and function: sturdy shelves whose height you can adjust to fit your belongings accordingly. And while you can find this particular style shelf from a number of sources (Home Depot, Container Store, Costco, etc.), we found the best deal at Target, where the chrome 5-tier wire shelving is only $49.99.

The biggest downside of these shelves versus the aforementioned storage pieces is that everything is exposed, so it’s essential to style it properly and keep its contents tidy. But let’s be honest–we could all use that extra motivation we can get to keep things organized. Here are a few tips when using this open shelving in either a living/bedroom space or your kitchen. Keep in mind, this shelving unit also works perfectly in a bathroom, laundry room, or garage.

1. These shelves are wide and deep, so use baskests, woven boxes, and magazine files to store small items, clothes, and clutter.

2. Think multifunctional, especially if you live in a small space or studio apartment. In our example, the shelves serve as 1 part closet, 1 part entertainment center, and 1 part dressing table complete with jewelry, perfume, and make-up brushes.

3. Keep items you use less frequently on the top and bottom shelves.

1. Smaller appliances that often take up precious countertop space can find a home here. Think toaster oven, blender, espresso machine, microwave, etc.

2. Lay a cutting board, marble board, or tray to allow storing of smaller items like flatware, food items, or salt and pepper shakers. Display your flatware in mason jars instead of hiding it away in a drawer. (Our advice: save drawer space for less attractive items like aluminum foil and plastic wrap.)

3. Hide the less visually appealing items at the bottom (pans, pots, etc.) and place pretty dishware on the shelves that are eye-level.

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