How to Style Your Winter Puffer Coat

While we absolutely love any excuse to pull out our favorite boots and play around with endless winter outfit combinations, arguably the hardest part about winter style is pulling off a puffer without looking, shall we say, marshmallow chic. Luckily, it’s not too hard after all with the right coats from Nau and a few key styling pointers.

1. The Long Puffer 

While blizzard conditions do pose some hurdles in the style department, Katie makes it look simple with her colorful and cheerful look! The first step? Invest in a down coat that you love. This version from Nau is anything but ordinary—we love the dramatic collar, the diamond shaped quilting, and the slimmer silhouette that keeps you from looking bulky. We also love its functional factors: both a zipper and snaps, plus a detachable hood! Love to play with color? Bust out of standard black and go for a pretty pink hue! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t play around with bright colors! Go with a preppy combo of a yellow sweater with a pop of gingham and jeans.

For extra warmth (and style!) choose a neutral pom pom hat to bring the look all together. And for footwear—a great pair of snow boots will go a long way and last years! (Extra points if you coordinate your laces with the color of your coat!)


2. The Short Puffer 

If long coats aren’t your thing, (or you don’t need quite so much warmth!) the short puffer is one of our favorite options. Katie looks fresh off the slopes in her casual cool black and grey ensemble. We love the short down jacket in black for a classic, versatile look—light, perfect for layering, and keeps you toasty warm! Plus, it has all the functionality of the long coat—both zipper and snap features and the detachable hood (minus all the length!).

To get a look like Katie’s, pair your coat with a grey turtleneck sweater, black leggings, rain boots, chic round sunnies (only $7!), a sparkly black beanie, classic black bag, and glittens for a minimalistic look that packs a powerful punch.

How do you like to style your winter coat? We’d love to see! Share your styling tips with us via Instagram with the hashtag #IAmTheEverygirl! 


This post was sponsored by Nau. All opinions reflect that of The Everygirl editorial board. 


BONUS: Want to win a puffer coat from NAU? Here’s how:

Visit the NAU site and leave a comment below with your favorite coat. Two lucky winners will each snag a coat of their choice! Contest ends Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST. Winners will be announced on social media Monday, January 18, 2016.


  • Lauren Wiley

    I love the Luminary Trench in Prussian Heather, as it’s not easy finding an insulated coat that looks so slim! Great contest, guys, love from here in Chicago!

  • Nicole Carl

    The Simmer Down trench looks amazingly chic, and warm! I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where it’s winter six months out of the year… I don’t want to look like I’m wearing the EXACT SAME coat as everyone else! I love that it almost looks like two pieces, and the tall collar and scallop-y hem make it look regal. Gorgeous in that Poseidon Heather color, too!

  • Gicelle Arquero

    The Luminary Trench looks like a great every day winter coat. It’s nice and tailored and does not look bulky like other trench coats. It would be a perfect coat for this El Niño winter we’re having in California! So happy to see the rain and plenty of powder this winter!

  • Virginia Aid

    Love the options you have! I think my favorite is the copenhagen recycled down trench. Winters are no joking matter up here in Syracuse, NY. We just got 13 inches over night!

  • Aubrey

    cocoon recycled trench in the green color is beautiful. We love a good coat in Buffalo!!

  • sara whittaker

    I love the recycled cocoon down trench in caviar or the down hoodie. Great options for the cold weather to stand apart from other puffer jackets while still using recycled down. Love them all! Sara

  • Klare Matthew

    The Twill Down Shirt in Caviar Heather is great!

  • Tatiana P

    The Copenhagen Recycled Down Trench looks so warm and flattering! It would be the perfect coat to stay warm in this chilly winter weather.

  • Brenna RS

    I love the Shroud of Purrin trench and the 3/4 cocoon trench.

  • Absolutely love the short puffer! The fact that it is eco-friendly with recycled down makes it that much more amazing! It would be the perfect coat to have.

  • Dat Women’s Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Pinot Heather Size Medium doe.

    [email protected] (in case I don’t know which social media outlet the winner is announced on.)


  • Jean

    Love the long puffer color

  • Caroline Campbell

    LOVE the puffer!! Definitely need one to survive the DC winter, especially being from Florida!!

  • Lauren Doss

    Thanks! Been playing with how to mix it up with the basic puffers!

  • Teresa Moreno

    I LOVE The EveryGirl blog! Thank you for always keeping us on point with your savvy style. This guide on puffer coats and how to wear them is the best! My favorite is the maroon long puffer. I would love to rock it on a snowy day here in Salt Lake City!

  • Katie Meyer

    I love the luminary trench! Perfect for my snow Colorado walk to work!

  • katatvandy

    I love the Cocoon coat in exactly the color you show it in. It would make me feel much more dressed up when headed out on a cold night!

  • Morgan Webb

    I totally love the maroon cocoon recycled down trench (awesome photo shoot above, btw). I have been searching for the perfect puffer for this season and this is definitely it. At last it feels like winter in Philadelphia, and this coat is a must!

  • Jackellyn

    The short puffer looks warm and stylish at the same time! Love it!

  • My favorite coat has to be the Simmer Down Trench and the 3/4 Cocoon Trench! Talk about winter luxe! ❄️✨

  • Kir Leighton

    I want to win the long puffer coat, that outfit looked perfect!

    • Congratulations! You are one of our winners. Please email allyson (at) theeverygirl (dot) com

  • Lauren Brendel

    Living in colorful Colorado means always keeping a coat in your car because you never know when it will snow! The 3/4 cocoon trench is perfect for wearing to work or out and about in the snow and slush with its slim fit. I love that color is not one that many others will have!

  • Kim B.

    The Imperial Poplin down jacket looks like a wonderful jacket that is easy to store. I cannot believe how thin the puffer jackets look!

  • Mackenna Johnson

    I’ve been dying for a longer coat for the Colorado winters. I’m loving these puffies!

  • Libby Gulaskey

    The luminary trench in Persian Heather!! Would love to have that coat!

  • Haley Pickerell

    In loveeee with the Cocoon Trench in black! It’s perfect for chilly San Francisco winters. Especially on those foggy, early-morning bus rides to work! Makes it easy to be warm and chic at the same time, which isn’t an easy feat!

  • Jenna Strawberry

    Oh, I just adore the green down shirt puffer jacket! Originally hailing from Florida has me slightly behind the curve when it comes to proper winter clothing. This jacket would help my winter wardrobe out in so many ways!

  • Stacy Schmitz

    Love the down vest!

  • Maite Victoria

    the short puffer (recycled down hoody jacket) in cape ombre looks gorgeous! I would love to style it with my sorrels once it starts snowing here in nyc!

  • Teri Sortzi

    I love the long puffer! Just beautiful!!

  • Melissa

    Love the long puffer!

  • Claire Tosh

    I absolutely love the cocoon down trench! Both the magenta and the black are amazing. Thanks for helping a former Florida girl find her winter style!

  • The Cocoon Recycled Down is absolutely stunning and I believe could possibly be warm enough to keep me comfortable and stylish this winter in New York!

  • 3/4 cocoon down trench! Perfect for getting around NYC in the winter.

  • Callie B

    Love both cocoon trenches! I love a long coat!

  • Katrina Harman

    The twill down shirt in caviar heather would be the perfect sporty coat! Also love the cocoon recycled down trench in black. So cozy!

  • Kelsey

    I love the synfill kimono trench! Love all of your winter jacket options!

  • Mickey Richards

    Oh, I Love the long puffer!!! Great color and perfect for rainy Seattle days!

  • Lauren Hershey

    I just moved to London and the cold bites harder than I thought it would – and I moved here from Colorado! I definitely need a longer coat to keep my legs warm as I walk a TON. I love the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Pinot Heather. Such a great color!

  • Alli Hall

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this jacket (maroon long puffer) AND about this website! So happy I found The Every Girl! It is all so relatable and insightful! Love from Minnesota!

  • I have two Nau jackets and love them!! I’d love to add another to my collection. It would be a tough choice between the felt up jacket or down vest.

  • Jessica Eastman

    Short puffer recycled down hoody in black would be perfect for getting around the city, and for staying warm in the BC mountains!

  • Erin Bergmeister

    Gotta go with the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Black. Classic. Perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe. Also love that NAU donates a portion of each sale and allows the customer to choose the proceeds destination. Love this collab!

  • Maria Abu

    I am going to have to go with the recycled down hoody jacket because Katie wore it so well! I’m going to need the exact outfit she’s wearing!

  • Christina S

    I love the Luminary Trench in Prussian Heather! It’s so cute!

  • Maggie Rice

    I love the cocoon recycled down trench in every color!

  • I love these puffer coats! They make me change my mind completely about that style. Though I also love their Copenhagen Trench with recycled down and if I’d never seen this post, that’s probably what I would have bought from them.

  • Michelle

    Ah that cocoon trench! Would be wonderful for recess duty this winter

  • Emilie Boudreau

    Loving the Simmer Down Trench-in caviar, the Trebble Down Jacket-in caviar as well as the Cocoon Trench (the 3/4 and Recycled Down-in pinot both look great!). All styles look stylish, comfy, flattering and WARM, would be perfect to wear on those cold -25°C days in Atlantic Canada!

  • Danielle

    The imperial down jacket in any color! :swoon:

  • Sue Kaliszewska

    So torn – love the Snapdragon Stripe colour of the Imperisl Down jacket (as well as the collar shape on the jacket) ~ and yet I equally love the Shroud of Turrin in the Prussian Heather. Lovely blue-grey colour & cute styling.

  • Sam

    I really like the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench!

  • Lucia R

    I’m in love with the Imperial Down coat!!

  • Morgan

    I’m absolutely in love with the cocoon trench! As a college student in New England I appreciate a good warm insulated jacket to get to and from classes.

  • Hannah Young

    I’m LOVING the short puffer in the images above. I am generally pretty miserable in the winter, and I think this jacket would help me to stay warm and look fresh! I love the style. Also, I just want to say the business model is awesome. I would love to be able to afford to only buy from companies that prioritize the environment. Nau, keep up the good work! The Everygirl, thank you for the opportunity to win such a great jacket!

  • Coco Clancy

    I adore the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in pinot heather like the one pictured in this post! Not only does it look like exactly what every Chicagoan needs to insulate them from the harsh Lake Michigan wind, but the deep, beautiful burgundy color is a much-needed pop in an otherwise monochromatic winter world!

  • Misha Taylor

    I love the Luminary Trench. I live in Ohio and winters near Lake Erie can be brutal! This coat would be perfect!

  • The Felt Up Jacket in Kelp is gorgeous. Layering is difficult and repetitive in the winter as I only have a handful of sweaters that are warm enough and flattering enough to be considered for work. This would be a nice addition.

  • Katie

    Katie makes the Cocoon Down Trench in Pinot Heather look devine! I need something warm like that here in Philly. Plus we have the same name so it must be destiny 🙂

  • Jill

    I love the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench from the first images! I just moved to snowy Salt Lake City, so this would be perfect!

  • Alexis Askew

    I would love to have the puffer jacket. This cold weather on the east coat has finally hit us.. And hiting us hard! Lol I’d be so ecstatic to win this cute puffer jacket!

  • erinmc414

    I LOVE the Copenhagen Recycled Down Trench in Black. I love that it’s a puffer on the inside and sleek on the outside!

  • Chelsea Harvey

    I absolutely adore the Simmer down trench it would be perfect for our Chidago winters! Love the detailing! Thanks!

  • Rachel Costantino

    Been on the hunt for a long puffer for awhile now without any luck! Would love to bundle up in one that doesn’t look too bulky considering I’m only 5’1 and most coats tend to swallow me! The struggle is real.

  • Chelsea Sweet

    The Cocoon Recycled Down Trench is amazing. I love the Pinot Heather color from the photos you girls posted. I’m moving to my first cold weather place (AZ girl to CO) soon and I need something warm to bundle up with!

  • Rachel Wells

    That copenhagen recycled down trench in dark khaki is gorgeous & would be so easy to style over everything.

  • Amamda

    For SURE the cocoon trench!!! Love love love!

  • Jo

    I’m in love with the Synfill Kimoni Trench but it looks like all sizes are sold out except for XS so… next choice would be the gorgeous Luminary Trench. Love the philosophy behind this company and the recycled products!

  • Susanne

    The cocoon recycled trench in Pinot is so fab! Loving the sinful kimono trench too! Cute!!

  • Cacoon Recycled Down Trench… So lovely! I’m kind of a baby when it comes to being cold, so a coat like this would be fantastic!

  • Emily H

    Love the 3/4 Cocoon Trench!

  • Ashley Siebenahler

    I love the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench. I live in Minnesota, and it looks like the perfect jacket to keep from freezing for 4-5 more months! (:

  • EC

    The synner cape is so cute!

  • Jaime

    I love the luminary trench- a perfect Chicago spring jacket for those unpredictable spring days!

  • Kathryn Shewmake

    I love the Down Blazer in Poseidon Stripe! I’ve wanted a nice, could be business, could be casual jacket to wear as I embark on the journey of starting my own wedding planning business! It would be great to wear to meet brides and wear while working their weddings! Not to mention, to wear to my engagement party for my wedding!

  • Erin mcguinty

    I love the long puffer coat in the wine colour. It’s perfect for our Canadian winters!

  • Janet

    I love the recycled down hoody jacket. It looks warm enough to keep out Boston winter chill yet still stylish!

  • Stephanie Munoz

    love the recycled cocoon down trench in Caviar or Pinot! For a Cali girl traveling to Chicago soon a Jacket like this would be perfect! Love TheEveryGirl!!

  • Siobhán Tolan

    I absolutely the Recycled Down Caccoon Trench in maroon! I fell in love with it with your photo shoot! Would be such a warm addition to my closet, especially with the winters in Boston!!

  • sem

    I love the Cacoon and both winter trenches! I adore the slim profiles and updated take on these staples.

  • Brittany Tennant

    In love with the Synner cape!

  • Em

    That synfill kimono trench is great!

  • Becca Browder

    I’m moving from Texas to DC for a new job! I’ve never lived further north than Oklahoma, and I’m thinking a good puffer coat would help ease me into east coast winters.

  • JK Long

    Love the Hokkaido blazer

  • Janice

    Cocooned Recycled Down Trench in Pinot is just dreamy. It’s awfully cold here in Idaho and we haven’t even gotten to our coldest part of the year yet! Please, oh please, send me that fluffy, warm, beautiful coat!

  • Meredith Brichacek

    I love the look of the long puffer, keeping it classic with black – the cocoon recycled down trench in black. It will come in hand with all this lake affect snow off Lake Michigan!

  • Meghan

    Love the color of the long puffer. The diamond pattern is also a great flattering shape especially for girls like me with curves.

  • Meg

    Love the long puffer – especially the color!

  • Carly

    Luminary trench!

  • AshleyMJackson

    Ohh tha Cocoon recycled down trench!! Love them and love me a good coat!

  • Pop

    The long puffer’s so cute! I’ve been looking for a winter coat forever and this is perfect!!! PICK ME PICK ME! 🙂

  • Carly G

    I can’t decide between the cocoon recycled down trench in pinot heather, the 3/4 cocoon trench in Adobo heather, and the Luminary trench in caviar heather.

  • Donna Earnest Pravel

    The longer the better for this everygirl!

  • Courtney Schier

    Cocoon trench. So practical and would be a great staple piece!

  • Shantelle Williams

    The COCOON RECYCLED DOWN TRENCH in Downpour Heather, please! I’ve been wearing my boyfriend’s oversized ski coat all winter and, while warm in this Chicago cold, it’s not much my style.

  • ashley coomes

    I adore the 3/4 cocoon trench, i love the lines, and it’s not my go-to black!! This jacket would sure make a new mommy in VT feel special ❤️

  • Kristin Otto

    The Twill Down Shirt is so perfect! I am always cold and this would be the perfect jacket to stay warm but not look like a crazy person in Southern California! The gray is the perfect color to match everything but still stay chic. Please pick me 🙂

  • Shelby Taylor

    I love the 3/4 cacoon trench! Being 5’3 I have a feeling it’ll fit the same length as the regular one would on an average height person haha. Cheers from University of Oregon!

  • Christina

    I love the Simmer Down in green , very cool design. I also really like the Cocoon in the burgundy. Fun pops of color are the way to go!!!

  • Emily Hosokawa

    I love the Luminary Trench in Caviar Heather! It looks like a great coat for a midwest winter!

  • Annie

    I LOVE that Cocoon Recycled Down Trench! The color is gorgeous and the length is perfect. I’m a huge wuss about winter even though I grew up in the cold and like as much of my body to be covered as possible!

  • Margaret

    Luminary trench is gorgeous!

  • Megan Lewis

    The imperial poplin down jacket looks like a dream ! I just moved from Florida to Tennessee. This Florida girl is in deperate need of a warm coat !!

  • Bri Leahy

    Digging the transporter jacket this season!!! Thanks for the great contest!

  • Brianna

    I really like the cocoon recycled down trench!

  • Caroline Rivard-Cooke

    I’d love to get that Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Pinot Heather! Absolutely stunning and it would really help for icy weather in Ottawa, Canada!

  • MK

    Adore the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench, especially because of the elastic hem at the bottom! I hate the way my current puffy jacket always looks so boxy at the bottom – this one looks so sleek!

  • That Luminary Trench in caviar heather is perfect for the Pacific NW weather. I would wear the heck out of it.

  • I love the cocoon down trench in downpour heather or Pinot heather!

  • RamanS

    I am a huge fan of the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in black. It’s perfect for weekends at the cottage and winter in Toronto!

  • Tiffany Dow

    The Synfill Kimono Trench is everything. It’s stylish, water-proof, and made from recycled material. I LOVE it. Would love this coat to help protect against the very windy and rainy island of Newfoundland!

  • Ann Kirchner

    I’m a fan of the twill down shirt. Having experienced Boston’s legendary ’14-’15 winter firsthand, I know what it’s like to RELY on winter gear! This twill down shirt is a stylish alternative to same-old, same-old winter apparel. Hooray for this contest opportunity!

  • Kaila Frank

    Loving the Long Puffer! I’ve been needing a coat upgrade to survive the MN winter… We are headed to subzero again this weekend!

  • Jennifer Carney

    I LOVE the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench you have chosen! I would look stylish and feel warm in an XXS in Pinot Heather! Way to advertise! It looks perfect for surviving my first Boston Winter!

  • Annie Flanigan

    It’s not easy to keep things cute slipping through the winter streets of NYC to get to the subway and these are cute ideas for styling everyday, functional looks – Cheers! The Felt Up Jacket in Cavair is really cute. Love the sassy name too.

  • Eden G

    I adore the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Pinot Heather! Puffy coats are often hard to style as they make shorter women look like a marshmallow or the Michelin Man, but I love the tailored look of this version!

  • Tara

    I would love to win the Coocoon Down Trench that you featured. Would be perfect for Texas winters!

  • Courtney

    Love the Cocoon Down Trench! I’ve been looking for a warm, long jacket to wear over work dresses. This one would be perfect!

  • Erin

    The Simmer Down Trench looks like the ideal jacket to brave the Massachusetts elements in style!

  • Katie B

    My favorite is definitely the cocoon recycled down trench in black! Classic and easy to style, and perfect for a New England winter!!

  • Jennifer Hansen

    The Recycled Down Hoody Jacket in black is perfection! I’d style it exactly like you did. It’s the perfect go-to jacket in bipolar SF weather!

  • christinebusacca

    Living in the PNW, weather-proof outerwear is a MUST! Thankfully, local company Nau has been taking the frump out of my daily looks for the last 8 years! And the quality is superb- my Urbane lasted 5 seasons before needing a new finish. The Down Shirt has been great for my early morning misty bike rides, but lacks a hood for my rotation at recess duty at my elementary school. I would style a Recycled Down Hoodie jacket in black with a thin merino sweater, dark denim and tall leather boots!

  • Abbey

    Yes to the Recycled Down Hoody Jacket in caviar heather! I work in TV and am desperate for a puffer jacket to wear on freezing cold sets!!

  • Anna

    Shroud of purr in Trench Blue or Grey 😉 For those cold days everywhere!!!

  • Kari G.

    I mean, honestly: were you thinking of me when you created the cocoon down trench?! It looks perfect to ward off the bitter Nebraska winter with recycled down, my booty will stay warm thanks to its length, and its pinot heather color is delicious. 🙂 I’d love to win (and WEAR) it!

  • Marya Woldridge

    I love the cocoon down trench. Ive been looking for a long puffy coat that has a hood to go up to Mt. Hood. We have lots of snow this season!

  • Brianna

    The Shroud of Purrin Trench Classic is so chic! As a commuter in Chicago, this coat is such a perfect choice for staying warm and dry in the windy city 🙂

  • Katie Stout

    I have been looking for the perfect puffer coat because I live in Dallas but have to travel north a fair amount for work. I have to put on about 10 layers before getting off the plane. 🙂 My favorite is Cocoon Recycled Down Trench– because one toasty layer would be better than ten.

    • Hi Katie – Congratulations! You are one of our winners. Please email allyson (at) theeverygirl (dot) com

  • Lyndsay

    The cocoon recycled down trench all the way in black!! I need that in my life up here in Canada!!!

  • Alyssa P.

    How to choose?! Those are great jackets! I love
    the neckline in the imperial poplin down jacket.

  • Wow! Perfect timing. I’ve been looking for a puffer jacket for the last month or so–something to keep me really warm without the bulk. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I love their collection. I love the cocoon recycled down trench (in caviar heather) !!! 🙂 🙂

  • Kate

    3/4 cocoon trench! I love it!

  • Meaghan

    Love the short down hoody jacket in caviar heather!

  • Claudia Jean

    The short puffer! I absolutely love how Katie is styling it: sporty chic. This coat will compliment my whole wardrobe; it’s perfect! Pick me porfavor 🙂 it’s getting cold in DC!

  • Morgan Bull

    I’m loving the Copenhagen Down Trench! Living in a city that sits in a valley makes for some harsh winter conditions, and this trench definitely looks cozy yet still incredibly fashionable! 🙂

  • She NA

    I love the COCOON RECYCLED DOWN TRENCH in Pinot Heather. I’ve been looking for a long slim coat for these cold ny winters.

  • Nicole B

    I love the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in Caviar Heather. The diagonal quilting makes it so unique and I’m really in need of a long warm coat for freezing cold days this winter.

  • Kayla Connor

    I like the cocoon recycled down trench! I’ve been looking for a long puffer coat and really appreciate the recycled materials.

  • Joanna M

    I’m really diggin the Cocoon Recycled Down Trench in the Pinot Heather! That burgundy color is my winter go to and it looks shockingly great on a puffer!

  • Ming Hui Tseng

    The Cocoon Down Trench in Pinot Heather looks great, but Nau is such a great company with such quality coats!

  • Luna

    The Cocoon Recycled Down Trench looks amazing. I absolutely love the look and warmth of long down jackets!

  • Adrian

    Difficult choice, but I will select the Copenhagen recycled down trench in the camel/tan color. Love that it has a hood. The Luminary Trench is pretty awesome, too, due to the detail in the back to give it shape.

  • awo eni

    The Down Shirt jacket is my favorite from this new collection

  • Hanna Hubbs

    I love the long puffer! Would be so cute with snow boots & perfect for long winter days when I have several meetings with clients all within walking distance! Xo

  • Mandy Megan

    Living in Oregon it’s all rain all the time! NAU’s Copenhagen recycled down trench would be beyond perfect for those chilly and wet days. And the dark khaki color is so fashionable it’s perfect for looking cute while being practical. @mandy.megan

  • Jennifer Steinbach

    I’ve been eyeing the Cavier Heather colored Cocoon Down Trench for some time now. Great styling by Alaina! Love seeing a Portland bred brand on a website that reaches such a great audience. #nau #rctid @jenginjin

  • lesliejeannene

    SO MANY! I love the 3/4 cacoon trench.

  • Kristen K

    I love the Cocoon Down Trench in Caviar Heather. I’ve been looking for a warm winter coat that has a slimming aspect and this coat is adorable!

  • Rachel Cobb

    I love the cocoon recycled down coat! So cute and warm!! Would be perfect in this Boston winter 🙂

  • Savannah Smith

    I LOVE the Cacoon Recycled Down Trench! It looks warm and cozy

  • Laurie Zic

    The 3/4 cocoon trench is amazing. I love that it is warm but not bulky. I also love that the hood is detachable.

  • Kristi

    They have so many great styles, but I think the Urbane is my favorite. 🙂

  • holly leonard

    the recycled hoody jacket is perfect for errands, work, apre, etc in cold, snowy CO!

  • holly leonard

    the recycled hoody jacket is perfect for errands, work, apre, etc in cold, snowy CO!

  • Clara DV

    I like the Twill Down Shirt in dark grey. I think it will work well for everyday use here in Chicago! 😀

  • Bee Kaye Bee

    The Copenhagen Trench is the warm version of the classic trench coat with a hood as an added bonus. It falls below the knee, which is a plus for me when I’m walking from the parking deck to the office. It’s slimming and is functional in either color. The Everygirl is always featuring the latest and greatest! THANK YOU!

  • Elle Fraser

    I love the long coat! So necessary for Chicago winters!

  • Bobbi

    The long puffy one is the one for me! great style and loving the color!

  • Bee Kaye Bee

    I love the Copenhagen trench; it’s classic with a modern twist. The hood, the knee length style, the pockets, the color selection make this coat functional in every way. As a mom, I need pieces that are transitional, from the office to a play date or a birthday party and this is it! I’m also revamping my wardrobe with classic pieces and I would love to make this coat my new addition!

  • Lise Schofield

    Toronto here. I can’t stop looking at the Simmer Down Trench in Poseidon Heather. It’s a beautiful coat. I’m in love with the elegant design and rich colour. It’s a perfectly stylish coat for a cold winter day. The flat panel across the chest is exactly the right touch. Nice designs Nau, your philosophy works for me. So glad I found you.

  • Angie P.

    I am so glad I stumbled upon The Everygirl blog! It’s so informative and fun! The 3/4 Cocoon Trench in Adobo Heather is gorgeous and looks warm enough to fight off the winter chill from the snow storms hitting Lake Tahoe! I would love to sport this unique jacket all over NorCal!

  • Bernadette Scarborough

    I absolutley love the cocoon down trench! Looks like an awesome, and luxurious way to endure the snow laden streets come winter! I would love to have something more unique looking, that will last through years of work & play!

  • Sam

    My favorites are a tie between Oslo Down Jacket in Surplus and the Espalier Jacket. I love that seem warm but don’t turn you into a blob and that NAU uses recycled down!