Hurry Before It’s Gone: Why The FabFitFun Summer Box is Selling Out

I am OBSESSED with Youtube beauty vloggers. I’ve been watching them since my tween years, and it’s basically how I learned how to put every single makeup product on my face. Not only does it have this nostalgia about it, but it’s SO SOOTHING. I don’t know why, but hearing someone go on and on about how this highlighter changed their life and how the texture is so “buttery” and “smooth” or how that foundation has a “light, almost whipped consistency but clings to dry patches” puts me at ease. I don’t even know what a “buttery” highlight means, but you know I’m going to tell all my best friends about it a week from now when it comes in the mail and I’m slathering it all over my entire body.


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Beauty products have always been my favorite thing to discuss with my girlfriends. We all wear different sizes and have different styles when it comes to clothes, so that is never something that comes us casually. My new favorite mascara? Now that’s fair game. It’s something we all identify with, whether they wear the lightest of coverage or like a full-face glam for the grocery store (me!). Sometimes though, keeping up with all these trends and new products can get preeettty pricey.

This is where FabFitFun comes in. If you’re like me, you’ve seen at least 7 FFF unboxings in your subscription feed for the past few days. If you’re skeptical that it’s worth all the hype, I’m here to say: OH, IT IS. 


Here’s why I love my subscription to FabFitFun:


#1. Every product is summer approved, so you’re ready to hit the pool as soon as the box arrives. No waiting until mid-July to actually get some use out of that beach towel.

#2. FFF uses well-known brands I already trust, so no worrying about something new breaking me out or getting to my allergies. However, they also incorporate tons of new brands to try out. I love a subscription that uses brands I already know but still gives me some fun new products to rave about.

#3. It’s the easiest subscription ever. Love summer and can’t wait for this box? No worries, you can subscribe at any time and get the current box. There’s nothing like loving everything in a subscription and then having to wait until the next month all to get all new stuff? No thanks!

#4. Okay, odds are, I’ll watch like five unboxings before I open mine, so I’ll know everything that comes in it and how I’m going to use it before it even arrives at my doorstep. BUT if you’re into being surprised, you can wait and watch the unboxing as you unbox your own. FabFitFun inception.

#5. I love a good deal, especially on beauty products. You can get your entire first FFF box on a discount that makes it cheaper than buying one eyeshadow palette. #Ca-Ching

Plus all the products are full-sized so you can share (or not, we won’t judge) with your girlfriends.


Keep scrolling for a peek at the Summer 2018 box I can’t stop raving about. If you want to wait until it hits your doorstep (love the willpower!), click here to order and use the code EG10 $10 off your first box. 


Summer 2018 FabFitFun Box Preview

Use code EG10 for $10 off your first box

Retails for $58

Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case

With all the compartments and closures, this train case will keep you organized on all your summer travels.

Retails for $55

Rocky Barnes Summer Beach Towel

Made from microfiber so sand doesn't stick to them (#genius) so just add water and a fruity cocktail.

Retails for $45

tarte tartiest PRO glow highlight & contour palette

6 powder and cream shades to create the perfect glowing summer look. I squealed out loud when I saw this!

Retails for $29

Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

The secret to maximizing skincare products is exfoliating multiple times a week. This gentle formula effectively removes dead skin cells so your products can soak in and do more good.

Retails for $34

Hair Protectant Treatment Spray

Protect your hair from harmful UV damage on pool or beach days with this weightless spray.

Retails for $48

Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar

A luxurious body treatment I've already become addicted to! It's my new favorite part of my shower. It exfoliates and conditions at the same time, so your arms and legs are always ready to be shown off.

Retails for $89


This was another piece that made me squeal out loud when I saw it. I've been dying to try one and now I can say I'm 100% obsessed. Foreo uses bluetooth technology to create a custom routine to gently remove dead skin cells and unclog pores of dirt, oil, and makeup residue.

Retails for $15

Sports Loop Resistance Band

A resistance band to help you target your abs, biceps, legs, and back muscles during a workout.

Retails for $32

Sport SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer

This water-resistant SPF is made from organic ingredients so you can enjoy the sun without fear of harsh chemicals ruining your skin.

Retails for $39

Destress Muscle Gel

Made with essential oils, this gel cools aches and soothes muscles and I've become addicted to using it after my Orange Theory classes.

Retails for $55

Pearl Ring

A beautiful statement piece that's classic yet modern.

Retails for $14.99

Marble Ring Dish

The perfect catch-all for your bedside table.

This post was in partnership with FabFitFun, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.