Hurry: This Limited Edition FabFitFun Box Won’t Last Long

Here at the Everygirl, it’s our job to test products, make mistakes so you don’t have to, try any (and every) at home beauty treatment, and generally make sure that we’ve explored every. single. avenue before recommending a product to you… sponsored or not. So when we back something wholeheartedly and write multiple posts about it — you know that it’s something worth spending your hard earned cash on. As a dedicated beauty junkie, I take this responsibility VERY seriously.

You may have already read about my love for FabFitFun many times over, but I’m here to tell you after over two years of subscribing, I continually get more and more excited (and dedicated to the service) with each box. No monthly disappointments.

If you don’t know what FabFitFun is, I’ll let you in on the not-so-secret but seriously-amazing service. FabFitFun is a subscription box with full-size fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products that arrive at your doorstep at the start of each season. It’s $49.99 (you can use code PINTEREST10 for $10 off your first box) but the products inside always add up to well over $200.

Let that just sink in for a second. Full size products and a haul worth hundreds of dollars that you’re getting delivered to your door for $49.99. Inside their Summer Box, I was completely OBSESSED with the Tarte highlight + contour palette (among other things). If I had gone down the street, parked in the heinous mall parking lot, managed to avoid the delicious smelling pretzels, and made the long trek to my favorite beauty store, I would have paid $45 for the palette. BUT INSTEAD, I sat on my couch, in my PJs (rosé in hand), testing my new palette plus eight other products I immediately became obsessed with… FOR THE SAME PRICE.



If you’re asking, “Why is this crazy girl who lectures us on the importance of primer back so soon?” then you’ll be pleased to find out that I have a surprise for you. CUE MY DRUMROLL!

FabFitFun is releasing a limited edition Pinterest 100 Box and all of the products are based on Pinterest’s top trends of 2018. Meaning everything in this box is sourced from what ladies all over the world were searching for and saving this year. This is an extra special one-time addition to the seasonal box. I won’t spoil anything for you (unless you keep scrolling) but two of the products, in particular, are constantly on my favorite bloggers’ Instagrams and I have been dying to try them. This ultra special box is filled with items that cost more than you pay for the box! And while I love discovering new products and sharing them with my friends, it’s also full of the latest finds from name brands you know like Kopari, LORAC, and R+Co.



So what are you waiting for?! Keep scrolling for a preview of the Pinterest 100 Box (but hurry — these will sell out fast). If you prefer to be surprised when your box arrives, click here to order and use the code PINTEREST10 for $10 off your first box.



FabFitFun x Pinterest 100 Box Preview

Use code PINTEREST10 for $10 off your first box


coconut Multitasking Kit

Hydrate your entire body with a complete set of Kopari's best products. Coconut Melt, Coconut Sheer Oil, Coconut Balm, and Coconut Body Glow are all made from 100% pure, organic coconut oil.


ACV Cleansing Wash

The secret to healthy hair and getting the most out of your hair products? ACV hair rinse that cleanses the scalp while soothing and moisturizing.


Lifted Sweatproof Mascara

If there's one thing I need during the summer, it's any product labeled "sweat-proof." This budge-proof formula delivers a volume boost that will withstand the pool or your workout class.


Pro Matte Lip Color

This lip crayon is filled with vitamin C and E so not only will your lips pop (and look amazing), but they will be protected and nourished.

B-Low the Belt

Vegan Studded Clutch

This edgy clutch is the perfect accessory for any date night.

Talking Tables

Dipstick Charades

Trivia night with your friends? Or a dinner that needs a boost of friendly competition? We love this game for the easy cleanup and hilarious stories you'll have afterwards.

The Jetset Diaries

Passport Case + Luggage Tag Duo

Use this as an excuse to finally book that ticket to Greece.

Kpop Foods

Sea Snacks

Beauty isn't the only Korean influence we are embracing wholeheartedly! Be the first of your friends to try this delicious alternative to chips.

Pier 1

Sage Vase

Sage is the new calming neutral that goes with every decor. Grab your favorite flowers from TJs and display proudly on your coffee table.


This post was in partnership with FabFitFun, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.