I Ate Like Chrissy Teigen for a Week… and Here’s What Happened

Chrissy Teigen is my spirit animal… you know if spirit animals were allowed to be gorgeous former Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. She is unapologetic, insanely funny, knows absolutely nothing about her husband’s career, has a house full of dogs, and is one of the best celebrities to follow on Twitter. And if you are a lucky, smart human who receives daily nuggets of her life via social media you will know that Chrissy isn’t just passionate about food… she LOVES food. She LIVES for food. She crowdsourced brown bananas on Twitter because she needed banana bread THAT badly. She makes mouth watering there-is-no-way-she-is-eating-that meals daily — and eats them!

So when I heard Blue Apron was partnering with one of my favorite celebs for a wildly fun and flavorful partnership, I basically hurled myself on the office floor begging to test it out. Thankfully, Blue Apron said, “someone get that sobbing girl off the floor” and agreed.

If you haven’t heard: Chrissy is partnering with Blue Apron for six weeks of delicious recipes straight from her kitchen and cookbook. You can click here to try it — 50 readers will get $50 off their first two weeks with Blue Apron!



And just like Chrissy (we’re on a first-name-basis, obviously), Blue Apron is fun, flavorful, and hard not to love. It’s affordable, it’s healthy, it’s delicious, and it’s easy…what else do you need!? Blue Apron allows you to create delicious, chef-designed meals at home by delivering all the farm-fresh and portion-controlled ingredients you need straight to your door (aka no waste from unused food, and no time at the grocery store means more time for you, or you know, keeping up with Chrissy).

You can choose between multiple options that fit your taste buds and lifestyle, including picking from 8 recipes each week and selecting either the 2-Person Plan (easiest date night ever) or the Family Plan (no more chicken and pasta every night of the week). Think you’ll never be as good a chef as Chrissy Teigen? Well, thanks to Blue Apron, now you can be (for as low as $7.49 per serving!). Check out the upcoming Blue Apron meals straight from her cookbook (like Chinese Chicken Salad and Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajita–uh, yum!) or the uhh-mazing Garlic & Soy-Glazed Shrimp I made, below.



In the meantime, grab a bottle of wine while I walk you through — in 140 characters or less (kidding) — what I learned from eating like Chrissy Teigen for a week.


Lesson 1: Chrissy doesn’t actually eat her cookbook recipes for every meal.

WOMP. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT BUT ALSO A REALITY CHECK AHEAD: Chrissy Teigen doesn’t actually eat whatever the heck she wants, covered in butter for every meal. Her cookbook is called “Cravings” so there’s the first clue if you’re like me and missed it. The self-taught chef and cookbook author loves to indulge, but for her, it’s more about the process of cooking than anything else. If this model is only going to have a few bites, she wants them to knock your socks off with the flavor. Which, spoiler alert, all of her recipes deliver in spades.

Since I wasn’t going to get to spend the week eating Waffle House and transforming into a swimsuit model, I went into deep research mode. The following is what I could find about Chrissy Teigen’s diet on the internet…

  • she eats lots of protein
  • absolutely no carbs in the morning
  • coffee is not her jam
  • lunch is light and leafy (usually a green juice)
  • dinner is her biggest, most extravagant meal of the day
  • sometimes, you’ve got to have a Doritos Locos taco in there somewhere
  • a side of ranch with EVERYTHING

In summary: Chrissy is a major proponent of balance.

Ok, I can get behind that.


Lesson 2: Cooking is a wonderful form of therapy.

My mission was simple: follow Chrissy’s guidelines during the day (not berating myself if I messed up and had fries with ranch) and then opt to cook a different meal from Cravings each night that week. I spent the first night poring over the recipes (her cookbook is basically food-porn so go buy it right now) and making my selections. A few pages I bookmarked were…

  • French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes
  • Caprese Salad with Crispy Prosciutto
  • Sriracha Caesar Salad
  • Dump and Done Ramen
  • Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice
  • Chrissy’s Mac and Cheese with Cheesy Garlic Bread Crumbs
  • Chicken Wings with Spicy Honey Butter
  • Armadillo Cheesy Garlic Bread
  • Skillet-Charred Fish Tacos
  • Cheesy Jalapeño Tuna Casserole with Potato Chip Topping

Are you dying yet?

Each night instead of falling onto my couch in a Hulu binge after work (because Hulu just keeps playing and never asks you if you’re still watching which I appreciate), I rolled up my sleeves, poured an XL glass of rosé, queued up a playlist, and whipped out my cookbook. Some of Chrissy’s recipes are more extensive than others, but I tried to pick based on what I felt like eating that night. The prepping, chopping, tasting, and reading along (repeatedly, 10+ times if you’re me) wasn’t tedious like meal prep Sundays… it was relaxing. Night after night, I felt so proud and invigorated when I pulled my completed meal out of the oven.

But to be honest — nothing was as enjoyable as that first bite. Holy $&#@! This woman knows food. And okay, I get Chrissy’s “I don’t need to eat the whole pan” philosophy because frankly I was exhausted and a little bit tipsy by the end of my cooking time each night so after the first few bites, I did feel done. It was also selfishly more enjoyable to share with my friends and neighbors and watch their faces light up… followed by repeated exclamations about what an amazing chef I was.



Lesson 3: Powerful flavors take a lot of work.

After three trips to the grocery store in two days, I started to think maybe Chrissy is so fit because she’s walking the aisles of Whole Foods on repeat. But since she obviously doesn’t go to the grocery store, it at least allowed me to get more than my fair share of steps in and trick my fitbit into thinking I am not a couch human.

When selecting my recipes for the week, I tried to find ones with overlapping ingredients but even planning ahead couldn’t stop the pile up of ingredients in my fridge. Necessities like the carton of heavy cream left over from making Chrissy’s “Pull-Apart Buttermilk Biscuits with Sausage Gravy” (yes, they will, in fact, change your life) just stared at me, threatening to expire.

I was ecstatic when my Blue Apron box finally arrived because (a) all of the ingredients were perfectly portioned and (b) I didn’t have to go back to the freaking store. Sorry Chrissy, I needed a break. Having everything ready for me to start dicing and cooking made the experience feel very celebrity (shoutout to my faux assistant Blue Apron who did all the leg work) and so much more enjoyable but with the same amazing flavors. I can honestly say I’ve never had in my life (much less made myself) shrimp as tasty as the ones I made from the Blue Apron x Chrissy Teigen box.



Lesson 4: Don’t ever be intimidated by cooking.

I cook for myself every week, but like many others, I’m often in a rut of preparing the same meals over and over (and over) again. It only took me 28 years, but I am basically an expert at mediocre taco salad and scrambled eggs.

After a week of cooking like Chrissy, I found that my skills were far greater than I was giving them credit for. Following Chrissy’s recipes each night made me try things in the kitchen that I was uncomfortable with or never would have paid attention to before. Things like kneading dough, cooking shrimp, using multiple kinds of peppers in a single dish, learning which type of potato was better for what dish (rather than just picking the prettiest ones), or going to three different grocery stores to locate a green papaya for thai salad. Usually, I would opt for the premade or easier way out, but not for my gal Chrissy.

Before you pat me on the back, know that I still had my culinary limits. I didn’t cook any meals where the fish still had a face (NOT READY NO THANK YOU) and although the Crab & Cream Cheese wontons looked like heaven… I have no time for delicately wrapping each bite of food after a long day of work. But the process wasn’t about being perfect. Did I royally mess some stuff up? Yes. Did it all turn out fine and delicious in the end? Hell yes. It’s a process and you’re never going to get better until you try. Even if you burn something and have to try again.

Each day I started to look forward to my nightly activity more and more. The process was invigorating and sparked my creativity because it wasn’t just preparing dinner… it was a hobby. And it felt so good. If you feel burned out or stressed by your daily activities, stepping away from responsibilities and indulging in a creative hobby will ignite a spark that nothing else can. And if you are short on time and unfortunately not getting paid to act out your weird celebrity fantasies like I am, try Blue Apron because they made feeling like a chef as easy as possible. There were no extra ingredients, clean up was easy, and the blue and brown box arriving at your doorstep forces you to take some time for yourself.



Lesson 5: Eat whatever you damn well want (as long as it tastes good).

On the final day I forgot to go to the grocery store… okay I was hungover… and I decided to indulge in a Dorito shell taco in true Chrissy Teigen fashion. It was my first time and all I could say for hours after was “I get it.” Frankly, it felt like the perfect ending.

When I started reflecting on my time as a Chrissy Teigen superfan, I realized the biggest lesson I learned was that life is short and we should all take a note from Cravings and have fun with the food we are eating. Yes guys, a model is saying to put your phone away (only bring it back out to proudly snapchat the completed product and make your followers jealous), get in the kitchen, and eat whatever you damn well please. We spend so much time focusing on what we shouldn’t eat or shouldn’t put in our bodies and less time focusing on of all the joyful aspects of food: like the art of cooking and spending time in the kitchen with our loved ones. Which is better than what I thought I would learn at the beginning of this: how to look hot in a swimsuit while eating a diet mainly of cheese.

The second biggest lesson I learned is that if you die without ever having tasted her French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes, you’ll be really sad.



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We are giving away 5 of Chrissy’s cookbooks. To enter, just let us know what recipe you most want to make in the comment below!


This post was in partnership with Blue Apron, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.