I’m 21 Years Old and I’ve Never Been Kissed

1. True Story: Twenty-One, and Never Been Kissed

What’s right for one person doesn’t have to be right for you. A reminder to not let rom-com conventions run your life (we all need that sometimes, am I right?).

2. There’s going to be a “Love Actually” sequel and it’s giving us all the feels

Who cares if it’s not a full-length movie, it’s going to be SO GOOD. Plus, more turtlenecks.

3. Stephen Colbert just funded every teacher-requested grant in South Carolina

As if this man didn’t already own my heart.

4. American Girl just announced their first boy doll and how old is this kid supposed to be anyway?

Apparently, his name is Logan, he’s a drummer in Nashville, and he comes sporting a flannel and graphic tee. Because, of course he does. Ready to ride off into the sunset with you — as long as that means heading to Warped Tour in the back of his van. #LoganVibes

5. You could go see “Hidden Figures” for free as a part of Black History Month

AMC Theaters are hosting free screenings of the critically acclaimed film (read our review here!) as part of a celebration of Black History Month. Get thee to a theater, pronto.

6. This golden retriever is obsessed with hugs and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day 


7. James Franco taught at NYU and you need to read his RateMyProfessors.com reviews

I’ll just leave this here: “Really nice down to earth movie star who knows what he’s doing but isn’t meant to be a teacher EASY A THOUGH STRAIGHT 100.”

8. Behind the scenes with the production designer for “The Bachelor”

Dream job alert.