In the Know: March 18, 2016

“I’ve had about enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies … Pretty soon we will have men who strike their wives saying, ‘I’m sorry dear, but there were failures on all levels.’” Congressman Matt Cartwright, challenging Governor Rick Snyder on his handling of the water crisis in Flint, Mi. during a congressional hearing on March 17

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder admitted failure in his opening statement to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: “…we all failed the families of Flint.”

President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court Wednesday, queueing up a major fight with Congress.

On Tuesday, the Obama administration dropped its plan to open the coast of Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas to oil and gas drilling. (But will continue to offer new leases for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Alaskan coast.)

Four people have been arrested in the Paris region and France’s interior minister says there were fears that they were planning an imminent attack on the French capital.

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that ISIS has been committing genocide against religious minorities in the Middle East — just the second time the executive branch has used the term in relation to an ongoing conflict.

Two people have tested positive for Ebola in Guinea, the government said on Thursday, hours after the World Health Organization declared neighboring Sierra Leone’s latest outbreak was over.

House Republicans on Thursday voted to state for the official record that Congress stands in firm opposition to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

The Defense Department has disciplined at least a dozen military personnel for their roles in an airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan that took place in October. They are not expected to face criminal charges.

Election 2016
Clinton swept all five states that voted this week on the so-called “Mega Tuesday,” picking up two more delegates from the win.

Rubio has suspended his campaign, and, also, has zero interest in a vice presidential position.

A bit of primary history: In 2008, Democrats had the historic turnout numbers while GOP voters came out in modest numbers (in 2008 and 2012). But this year, Democrat turnout figures are falling off while Republicans are coming out in droves.

Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged Thursday that a contested or open convention looks more likely. Trump’s response? Riots.

Federal Reserve policymakers said Wednesday that the U.S. economy is chugging along at a decent pace with an improving job market. (Still, they fear risks from “global economic and financial developments.”)

Instagram is about to adopt its biggest change in almost three years—and perhaps ever. (Hint: It looks a lot like Facebook.)

In a major concession to critics and animal welfare groups, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc. says it will stop breeding captive killer whales.

Health & Science
Love that super outdoorsy couples’ feed on Instagram? Love away, a new study suggests just looking at pictures of the outdoors might be good for your health. (But you should probably still go for a walk, too.)

A bill that would prevent states from requiring food labels to note the presence of genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs) failed to pass the Senate on Wednesday. Mandatory labeling in Vermont goes into effect on July 1.

Women’s Affairs
The 10 most compelling women in Washington right now.

Donald Trump has a new moniker for Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that some have called sexist: “Crazy Megyn.”


image via of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy sworn in to testify before a House committee hearing on on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 17