In the Know: May 6, 2016

“It’s time to set aside bullying, to set aside belittlement and appeal to higher aspirations, appeal to what is good in us and to lead a country and a party to having a vast majority of Americans enthusiastic about choosing a path.” House Speaker Paul Ryan, declaring that he’s “just not ready” to support the candidacy of his party’s all-but-official nominee, Donald Trump

“I will not rest, and I’m going to make sure that the leaders at every level of government don’t rest until every drop of water that flows to your homes is safe to drink, and safe to cook with, and safe to bathe in,” President Obama told residents of Flint, Mi. on Wednesday.

North Carolina will respond Monday to a deadline set by the Justice Department regarding its notification that the state’s transgender bathroom law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

At the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach this week, leading experts say California’s largest and most dangerous fault (the San Andreas) is long overdue for a massive earthquake.

A state of emergency was declared in the province of Alberta in Canada after a wildfire forced all 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray to evacuate. Scientists say El Niño and climate change have contributed to the region’s devastating fires.

Dozens of people have been killed in a bombing of on a refugee camp in northern Syria. (Under pressure from the United States and Russia, all sides agreed to a temporary cease-fire on Wednesday, the pause in fighting was intended to take effect Thursday morning.)

For the first time in 36 years (when Kim Jong-il was confirmed as the successor to the state’s founder, Kim Il-sung) North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party will hold a congress. It starts today.

Will London elect its first Muslim mayor? Stay tuned.

President Obama commuted the sentences of 58 nonviolent drug offenders this week, but noted “only Congress can bring about the lasting changes we need to federal sentencing.”

Some of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI probe into the security of her private email server nears completion. (So far investigators haven’t found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law.)

Election 2016
Cruz and Kasich are out, clearing the way for Trump to become the presumptive Republican nominee.

But House Speaker Paul Ryan (the nation’s highest-ranking elected Republican) says he’s “not ready” to endorse—a surprising break from other high leaders in his party. 

The Obama administration on Thursday announced a set of financial regulations that would force companies to disclose more information about their owners, part of an effort billed as a crackdown on tax evaders and money launderers.

Hulu’s venturing into live programming (as in cable).

The Food and Drug Administration is banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors as part of a broad set of regulations the agency finalized Wednesday.

Time to check your frozen fruit and vegetable packages: CRF Frozen Foods has expanded a voluntary recall to include about 358 products under 42 different brands because of potential listeria contamination. (Trader Joe’s and Costco included!)

Women’s Affairs
Eight prominent Silicon Valley women have joined forces to launch Project Include, which will attempt to collect and share tech company diversity data.

What do you think of “Meternity”?

Republican women and their tough choice. 


image via of Speaker Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill