In the Know: November 13, 2015

“On these sacred grounds, where generations of heroes have come to rest, we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. And today, we gather once more to salute every patriot who has ever proudly worn the uniform of the United States of America.” President Obama, at the Arlington National Cemetery, where Marines in dress uniform lined the road leading to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to commemorate Veterans Day on Nov. 11

Following a week of protests and racial tension, the University of Missouri has named Michael Middleton its interim president. The former president, Tim Wolfe, resigned Monday.

Three men were charged this week for the largest theft of consumer data from a U.S. financial institution in history.

Students at more than a hundred colleges and universities are staging marches in support of free tuition, a $15 minimum wage for campus workers and the cancellation of debt from student loans.

Kurdish forces, backed by US-led coalition air support, launched an offensive to take back Sinjar, in northern Iraq, from ISIS.

Russia’s athletics federation is expecting a decision on its participation in next year’s Rio Olympics after allegations of “state-sponsored doping” in a World Anti-Doping Agency report.

Leaders in Catalonia say they will continue to seek independence, defying an attempt by the Spanish Constitutional Court to block the region’s secession from Spain.

Candidates were feeling the pressure to prove their electability during the latest GOP debate.

In the face of growing “Blackfish” scrutiny, SeaWorld has announced it will end its theatrical Shamu shows in San Diego—the decision is unlikely to pacify critics.

Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller took things to the next level (together).

Major daily fantasy sports operators DraftKings and FanDuel are preparing for a court fight after New York’s attorney general declared the operations illegal.

After spending around $350 million to build clinics in more than 800 of its supermarkets to offer blood tests by startup Theranos Inc., the Wall Street Journal reports that Safeway is dropping its deal with the company.

A new poll finds that populations generally agree on the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but the countries that emit the most carbon dioxide per person are also the ones least worried about climate change.

Women’s Affairs
Doctors in Sweden say a woman has given birth to a baby boy less than two years after receiving a uterus transplant—a potentially huge breakthrough in fertility and reproduction science.

More than 100 women are suing a drug company for a birth control packaging error they say resulted in unplanned pregnancies.


image via of our nation’s largest Veterans Day parade, in New York City Wednesday