Inspired by The Everygirl? Share Your Story!

No matter the time, day, or occasion, when an email from a reader pops up in our inbox saying The Everygirl has inspired her in some way, we drop everything, read it, make sure one another saw it, and take a moment to smile and be happy. That, after all, was the whole point of this site. To inspire women. To help shape a generation of driven, well-rounded females.

With our one year anniversary drawing near, we want to hear from our readers. Tell us if and how The Everygirl has inspired you this year. It can be something as little as improving your vocabulary or as large as quitting your day job and going back to college at age 30 to pursue your passion (true story!). It can be a particular feature or column or finance tip. It can be silly or serious. We just want to know! And we plan on sharing your stories on the site–but when and where is a surprise.

To share your story:
– please e-mail with the subject line INSPIRED
– in the body of the email, please fill in the blank: “The Everygirl has inspired me to _____.”
– keep the answers to less than three sentences
– be sure to include:
• your name
• age
• city
• current job position
• link to a website (if applicable)
• relevant photo (if applicable)

Deadline: Tuesday, February 12

Look forward to hearing from you!

Alaina & Danielle


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