16 International Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I’ll admit it, I’m an Instagram stalker. I love a good ol’ stalk session to see what people are up to. It’s just fun, and it’s so dang satisfying to live vicariously through cool accounts.  The great thing about Instagram is that it’s an international platform, so you can essentially travel the world in your PJs on a Sunday night while scrolling through a feed, watching trashy reality TV. Whenever I have a bad case of wanderlust, I find myself scrolling through pictures of girls in a spice market in Morocco, or eating pasta in Italy, or taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon.

So I rounded up my favorite international badass women for you to gather some inspiration from. Even though we are a few thousand miles apart, we can all bond over one of the more important facets of life: lighting makes or breaks the perfect post.


1. France – Anne-Laure Mais – Fashion Designer

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Follow For: incredible wrap dresses, easy breezy beach day candids, and fresh farmer’s market fruit



2. Greece – Corina Nika – Graphic Designer

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Follow For: amazing oceanic drone shots, major bikini envy, and beautiful shots of Greek villas



3. Germany – Jackie Diedam – Freelance Illustrator

Follow For: her beautiful artwork, gorgeous flower walls, and the best shoe selfies I have ever seen



4. Mexico – Jenny Lopez – Blogger

Follow For: the bikini cover-ups, statement earrings inspo, and Mexican street fashion



5. England – Alexa Chung – Celebrity Entrepreneur

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Follow For: millennial pink power suits, the lob that inspired them all, and selfies with exotic European buildings



6. India – Allia Al Rufai – Celebrity Stylist

A post shared by Allia Al Rufai (@alliaalrufai) on

Follow For: Bollywood behind the scenes, perfect shots of the Indian Ocean, and tons of positive quotes



7. Russia – Ekaterina Bybina – Model

A post shared by Ekaterina Bybina (@katyabybina) on

Follow For: bare face selfies, casual poses by ancient European monuments, and a perfectly neutral feed



8. Australia – Amanda Shadforth – Art Director

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Follow For: artsy behind-the-scenes shots of her photoshoots, how to style dainty layered necklaces, and fashion sketches



9. Canada – Lauren MacLean – Interior Design Social Media Influencer

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Follow For: home decor inspiration (especially if you have a tiny place in the city), beautiful light fixtures, a creative clothing rack decor trick



10. Dubai – Alizey Mizra – YouTuber

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Follow For: luxury shoes, the perfect top knot, and tons of deserts



11. Kenya – Mumbi Maina – Actress

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Follow For: her incredible hair, a look behind the scenes of African film festivals, and her inspiring feminist posts



12. Egypt – Nourhanne Eissa – Blogger

Follow For: fashion-forward palazzo pants, posts about embracing insecurities, and international travels



13. Brazil – Camila Coelho – Influencer

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Follow For: the prettiest pink feed, fruity drinks, and major flatlay inspiration



14. Philippines – Patricia Prieto – Blogger

Follow For: cool mural pictures, striped jumpsuits, and colorful hair you are bound to show your hairstylist



15. Romania – Alexandra Mico – Model

Follow For: runway looks, thigh high boots, and a look behind the scenes of editorial photo shoots



16. Sweden – Victoria Törnegren – Social Media Influencer

Follow For: the perfect leather jacket, a good look at Copenhagen, and beautiful latte art



Are you following any international Instagram accounts? Let us know why you love them!