#Internetting: The Skinny on Starbucks’ Secret Menu and More…

  • Copy by: Kristen Mitchell

Here at The Everygirl, we understand the nature of busy women. You barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone spend the day surfing the web. That’s why this week, we’re sharing five of our favorite articles on pop culture, food, beauty, and more. 

1. Taste the rainbow.

Source: Instagram

This upcoming weekend is all about red, white, and blue, but Starbucks’ recent Instagram post has us wanting to taste ALL the colors of the rainbow. These four new drinks (orange, green, blue, and purple) were announced yesterday and follow the success of Starbucks’ #PinkDrink, a secret menu addition that went viral in early June. We’re pretty sure this isn’t going to help our Starbucks addiction…

2. Serially. Can’t. Believe. It.

 Source: Serial Podcast

If you were as enthralled with Season 1 of the podcast “Serial” as we were, then you probably heard the news: Adnan Syed is getting a new trial. Yesterday, a judge in Maryland set aside Adnan’s conviction for the 1999 murder of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Now we’re going to sit back and cross our fingers for another season—and more Sarah Koenig, please.

3. Scrolling into summer.

If you’re stuck in a summer fashion rut, Refinery29’s recommendation is to go social. It’s no secret that Instagram is a source of inspiration for the fashion-forward, so Refinery did some scrolling to find this summer’s 20 “it” items.

4. That’s a wrap.

 Source: Harper’s Bazaar

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 is officially behind us. But since you’re probably already missing the world of Westeros, here’s a visual breakdown of how your favorite characters evolved through the seasons. And with that, we have a very important question—Jon Snow: man bun or no man bun?

5. It’s someone’s birthday!

Can you believe “The Devil Wears Prada” premiered 10 years ago today? Because a decade has passed since Andy underwent an epic style transformation (with the help of sidekick Nigel), People recapped some of the film’s best outfits.

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