Join The Everygirl’s #findingthetime Instagram Campaign

In case you haven’t heard, we have a very busy week here in Chicago on behalf of The Everygirl. Two events, three photo shoots, trip planning, not to mention a bevy of social events twenty- and thirty-somethings always find creeping up on the calendar (showers, engagement parties, birthdays, weddings). We regularly get emails from readers, bloggers, and friends asking what our typical day looks like and while it always varies, we thought this week would be better than ever to show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our work schedules.

So this week we have teamed up with Coach and will be Instagramming photos at various times during the day and letting you know where and what we’re up to! You can track Alaina by her sparkly rose gold Coach watch, and Danielle will be sporting her chunky stainless steel boyfriend style from Coach.

And because we know you are all aspiring, busy women yourselves, we would love for you to do the same and share with other Everygirls what you’re up to, whether it’s work or fun! Make sure to capture the time on your timepiece and use the hashtag #findingthetime and tag @TheEverygirl_!