Last Day: Snag Our Photoshop Course with Payment Plan Options

We were over the moon to launch The Everygirl online courses on February 22, and we’re having a blast getting all our new enrollees all set up to learn how to master Photoshop like a pro or arm themselves with the tools to land their dream jobs and careers.

In case you’re looking to learn how to create an engaging visual identity, edit your photos with ease, create compelling graphics, and master tons of fun tricks (like creating your own gifs!), now is your chance!!

We heard you, and based on your responses, are extending our photoshop course’s availability through the weekend. Our Essential Photoshop course officially closes Sunday, March 17. We also have added a payment plan option so you can make gradual payments, rather than one payment up-front. So walk, don’t run — we can’t wait to see you there.



What’s our Essential Photoshop course all about? So glad you asked!

Photoshop is our editing and design platform of choice here at The Everygirl — we use it for everything from increasing the exposure in our images to removing the background from a product to creating templates for Instagram stories.

There are truly SO many things you can do within Photoshop. Here’s a quick rundown of the five modules of our Essential Photoshop course and why they matter when you’re working inside the program:


Get started with Photoshop and master the essentials


We designed this course as a comprehensive overview of all things Photoshop for bloggers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to get a feel for the program. We started by cataloging everything we do in Photoshop at The Everygirl office on a daily basis — it was even more than we thought lol — and then condensed and refined all of that info into the five modules of this course.


Edit photos for more vivid, engaging, and beautiful imagery


You can still create beautiful imagery and improve your photos even if you’re not working with thousands of dollars of photography equipment — we break everything you need to know about photo editing down in the second module of our Essential Photoshop course, including how to edit how imperfections like pesky zits and weird shadows.


Start thinking like a designer with moodboards, negative space, and color


Before you get started making graphics for your brand, blog, or business, you’ll want to start thinking like an editor or graphic designer. Refining your “eye” will help you create consistent graphics that stand the test of time and will make people want to click or follow you — essential in building out your online presence. We go over how to start thinking like a designer in the third module of our Essential Photoshop course to help you get started with creating engaging visuals that make an impact.


Remove backgrounds, add text, and create graphics that wow


You’ll learn exactly how to remove the background from a product, how to add text to your graphics, how to make product collages (like this one!) and product roundup graphics, and how to optimize them for sites like Pinterest to help you reach a wider audience and get your amazing content in front of as many viewers as possible. We tackle everything you need to know about creating graphics like we use here at The Everygirl in the fourth module of our course. 


Master our favorite tricks — like adding handwritten elements and creating gifs!


The last module of our Essential Photoshop course dives into a few of our favorite tips and tricks now that you’re familiar with the program and what it can do. The entire course is structured to take you effortlessly from opening Photoshop (maybe for the first time!) to creating robust graphics and making more complex photo edits. We can’t wait to see what you create!


Ready to dive in? Hurry, enrollment for the course closes Sunday, March 17. Claim your spot now!