Leather: Why Everyone Can Wear It

I like fashion but would never use the word “edgy” to describe my sense of style. And let’s face it–leather pants, skirts, and tops can seem a little edgy. Or should be saved for Danny Zuko. I’m not definitely not musical enough to join the cast of Grease, but decided that this is the year I’d prove that even I could pull off wearing leather. And If I can wear leather anyone can, because I’m basically the least edgy person to exist since the dawn of time. Anyone can rock a fantastic leather skirt or top. Or pants. Or even a jacket. It all comes down to finding the right piece and pairing it with the right accessories.

The Hunt

I ventured to Nordstrom Rack in search of some budget-friendly (and stylish) leather pieces. The goal was to find two items of clothing as opposed to accessories, because styling a leather handbag isn’t really a challenge. I tried on lots of great pieces–lots of leather and beautiful leather details–a trend I hope to embrace this fall. There’s nothing more chic than a jacket with leather details! I found a beautiful leather jacket for under $200 and faux leather pants for just $16.

I ended up buying a Chloe K top for just $18.97 and a Lelis skirt for $35.97. Two leather pieces for under $55? Yes, please. The items I chose happen to be faux leather, so they’re both wallet friendly and vegan. Win-win. I tried on a number of other pieces including a Calvin Klein jacket for under $200, Kate Spade which was $80 down from $200, and a Joie dress for $120.

Leather for Everyone

I thought I’d have to dress leather up and never would have imagined wearing it during the day, but the top paired with skinny jeans and flats didn’t feel edgy at all. I dressed the skirt down with a pair of booties and simple black sweater but could easily dress it up with a pair of heels a great top. That’s 3 leather pieces, my friends. I love that by changing a piece or two, both the top and skirt can easily transition from day to night. In the end, I learned that leather is actually very versatile since it can be dressed up or down. So if you find yourself wanting to try leather this fall, go for it. Like I said–if I can pull it off, you can, too.

Do you own any leather clothing? If not–is this a trend you’d like to try? Have you found any good bargains yourself lately?

Brought to you by Nordstrom Rack. Embark on your Fall style hunt and discover the season’s fashions for less.

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