Leopard Print: Fall’s Go-To Neutral

Animal print in fashion typically rouses strong emotion in people: they either love it or hate it. I happen to fall into the former category, especially if a great accessory is involved. Leopard print bags, shoes, belts, scarves–they all kick it up a notch. It being my rather classic, preppy, non-trendy wardrobe.

The Hunt

So I set out on a mission–or bargain treasure hunt, if you will (one of my favorite past times)–at my go-to discount retail store, Nordstrom Rack. The goal was to find a leopard print accessory–or clothing item! (I was open-minded)–that would anchor my fall wardrobe. I ran across a variety of great items… a scarf, a black and white camisole (I believe that’s called snow leopard), denim pants, a button-down blouse… all would fit the bill. But before long, I found myself zigzagging through the racks in a certain direction, back toward the mothership: the shoe department.

I quickly found what I’d been looking for: a leopard round-toe pump–or the Holy Grail as some call it. It was a Franco Sarto style, there was one left in my size (meant to be!), and the sale tag read $69.99 down from $119. Sold.

I grabbed them and headed back over to the designer clothing rack, and found pieces to pair the pumps with. A black and burgundy shift by Rebecca Taylor, a pink colorful frock by Nanette Lapore, a color splash wrap by Diane von Furstenburg, and finally–black and white polka dots by Kate Spade New York. Yes. I was going to wear print on print. And the dotted Kate Spade jeans I grabbed were $80, down from $228. That’s what I call a success, my friends.

Leopard as a Neutral

So what you see here is how leopard print–a detailed pattern made up of several colors–technically acts as a neutral when it comes to wardrobe styling. It works with both a colorful outfit and other patterns! Not only that, but you can wear the timeless pattern for both dressier occasions or romping around during the day. As I said, if you’re a t-shirt and jeans girl like myself, this is the perfect way to wham bam the outfit. Heck, it pretty much makes the outfit. Fall, I welcome you with open arms (and shnazzy feet)!

What side of the fence do you stand on when it comes to wearing animal print? Is leopard your favorite or are you more of a zebra stripes aficionado? Find any good bargains yourself lately?

Brought to you by Nordstrom Rack. Embark on your Fall style hunt and discover the season’s fashions for less.