Life After Serial

  • Copy by: Lyndsay Rush

If you would’ve told me a few months ago that a podcast would take up so much of my time and thoughts and conversations, I would’ve told you to shut up and pass the gummy bears (I dunno, if I’m creating a fake scenario, I’m always gonna put in gummy bears).

But then I met Serial: a podcast by the folks at This American Life that tells one true story, week by week (ahem, serially). And since you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that this first season was a doozy. Murder, intrigue, lies, pagers: this story had it all.

And while the response was varied—both on what people thought about the story and the way the podcast told it— millions of people tuned in. And if you were one of them, chances are you’re now experiencing some things that only fellow listeners can relate to (do we have a term for fans of the podcast? Serial Heads? Serialists? I’ll work on it.)

So of course, I whipped up some of the ways you can tell that you were impacted by the podcast, for solidarity’s sake:

  1. You mutter Mail Kimp to yourself every time you send an email. Even though that’s not really how it works and that’s not really what it’s called.
  2. You google Sarah Koenig just to see what she’s up to, or if like, she wants to be friends or whatever.
  3. You still find yourself teetering wildly between ADNAN IS INNOCENT and OH GOD HE DID IT DIDN’T HE and then realizing that what you think absolutely does not matter. Which makes you want to eat chips (just me?)
  4. You casually look for a pay phone at every Best Buy you see.
  5. You have a heightened sense of distrust of everyone and everything.
  6. You have a new appreciation for podcasts even though tons of good ones have been around for a long time so maybe you are a sucker for whatever is trending. Crap.
  7. You scoff at people who are just starting the series because, like, your heart can’t even handle to discuss this with them because they know nothing of what you’ve been through.**
  8. You play the theme song just to remember the excitement of what you felt was an unsolved mystery.
  9. You’re listless every Thursday at 6 AM because there’s nothing to look forward to now. Except Season 2.

So there you have it. You’re not alone, Serialettes. Here’s hoping the next season hits us just as hard.

**Note: I absolutely know that there are serious implications about this real-life story; for the victims, defendants, and their families. This list is made to lightheartedly discuss the hole in my heart since the podcast series ended. So yes, I understand not everything is about me. Capiche?


image via p.s. remember this