9 Lizzo-Approved Resolutions to Make for 2020

Music in 2019 was crazy. February gave us the return of the Jonas Brothers. Then, a song that featured Billy Ray Cyrus took over the Internet. We listened to Taylor Swift on repeat in the office every day for about a month. Harry Styles popped in with the best album of the year in the last three weeks of 2019. But the most notable person in music in 2019 had to be Lizzo. She took us by storm with her incredible album, Cuz I Love You, and dominated the charts with “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” (both songs that were recorded years ago). 

Lizzo’s incredible music is one thing, but her confidence is what really made her our favorite person of the year. She has a kind of electricity, both on stage and in interviews, that radiates to everyone around her. She’s inspired all of us to love ourselves over anyone else, and we’re taking major hints going into the next year.

In an effort to honor our favorite entertainer this year, we’re sharing 9 resolutions for 2020 to help you channel your inner Lizzo. None of these are about intense workout routines, fad diets, strict budgets, or losing weight, so you can completely focus on being the best you without the pressure to change yourself. 


1. Make a confidence playlist

Create an entire playlist of songs that just make you feel confident and motivated. Fill it with jams that make you feel like a million bucks when it’s blasting through your headphones on your walk to work. Make sure it includes “Truth Hurts,” “Juice,” and “Soulmate” for optimum confidence-boosting potential (and just to make Lizzo proud). My confidence playlist is aptly named “ur hot!”



2. Slide in someone’s DMs

You might be no stranger to DMing your celeb favorites (still waiting for Nick Jonas to get back to me from two years ago, but it’s fine), but when was the last time you DMed someone hoping to make a *real* connection? Whether it’s the girl in your spin class, your dream employer, a cute barista you’d like to ask out, just say hey. You never know — they could become your BFF, boyfriend, or new boss.


3. Rock your favorite swimsuit

Whether you’re by a body of water or stuck in a Midwestern snow storm, find any excuse to get in your favorite swimsuit and strut your stuff. We’re not against cranking the heat up and watching Grease on the couch in a bikini. You’d be surprised what kind of confidence it’ll bring just allowing yourself to wear the stuff you love without worrying about how it looks on your body.



4. Plan out your finances

While this seems like a boring one, it’s actually a lot more fun than you think. Once you’ve planned out all the boring expenses you have this year, plan out all the fun you’re going to have. A girls’ trip to Austin, a designer bag you’ve been dreaming of, really good seats at a concert (we’re coming for ya, HS!), or upgrading your apartment or home are exciting and fun splurges that are just for you. And you won’t have to worry about all the extra guilt because you planned for it just like an expense.


5. Take little steps to be more green

Being sustainable doesn’t have to happen overnight. Instead of overhauling your entire life, take small steps to be a little more green in your day-to-day life. Start with one thing (ditching plastic straws, perhaps?) and slowly build up to trying new things. 


6. Develop a bedtime routine

If you spent 2019 getting yourself on a proper skincare regimen (hooray!), now’s the time to focus on your entire bedtime routine. Your whole day truly depends on what happens the night before, and getting enough sleep (along with reducing anxiety, stress, and worry from the night before) is imperative for having a good day. You can’t be your bomb a*s self without a good night’s sleep. 
For the full pampering treatment, you could try reading before bed, facial massage, doing a meditation, getting ready for the next morning (setting out clothes, planning to-do lists, packing your lunch, etc.), and doing a 10-minute tidy of your space.



7. Take a unique workout class

Lizzo isn’t here to say we have to be beacons of health who work out every day, but she is all about having fun, and there are so many new workouts out there that prioritize having fun over burning hundreds of calories. Pick something that will make you excited to work out and doesn’t give you gymtimidation. Some ideas to try include pole dancing, hip hop dance, a themed yoga class (I went to a Drake yoga class once, and it was *chef’s kiss*), or a cool, trendy class you’ve never tried (Solidcore, aerial yoga, and rowing are on my list!). 


8. Find your people

Lizzo surrounds herself with a core group of best friends who support and validate her. Focus on finding those people who make you feel strong and supported all the time. And don’t surround yourself with “yes men” either. True friends will call you out on your BS and are there to not only support you but help you grow and become an even better person. Think of the person you want to be to others and find friends who do the same for you.



9. Stop giving a f*ck (about the right things)

This might just be the most Lizzo-approved thing on this list. Instead of stressing and worrying about all those little things that kept you up at night in 2019, find your footing to give those up and focus on the right things in 2020. Constantly worried about people from your high school thinking your outfit pictures on Instagram are weird? Take that energy and put it into testing new outfits, finding a photographer (er, BFF who will gladly be your stage mom), or new equipment (selfie lights are here to stay!). You’ll never reach your full potential if you’re worried about everything all the time. 


What are your resolutions for 2020?! Tell us in the comments!