Everything at Madewell Is 15% off This Weekend (Commence Freakout!!)

We all know, love, and save our money for Madewell– the brand that makes us feel like being a trendy, cool, fashion it-girl is actually within reach. Not only do they have the perfect tops for our trendiest brunch outfits, or the accessories that take our style from so-so to très chic, but they’re also our go-to for finding the perfect pair of jeans.

This weekend is one of those rare moments in life where all the stars align and something amazing happens. That something happens to be a 15% off sale at Madewell for this weekend only…




How to get it: It’s for Madewell Insiders only (which most of us probably already are, anyways), but all you have to do to become one is to create an online account/login (for free!). Login before you checkout and BAM – 15% off is automatically added at checkout. If this doesn’t feel like Christmas in summer, I don’t know what does!

The sale doesn’t apply when buying gift cards, BUT it is one of those rare times when Madewell doesn’t restrict discounts on the purchase of denim or their ever popular transport tote.

So when we say stock up, we mean buy 3 pairs of your favorite jeans that you wear every day or an extra one of the tote you get compliments on everywhere you go.

The sale ends Monday 8/21, so hurry before everything sells out!



  • Ashley Spears

    all my wee, petite gals should know that Madewell quietly rolled out 26″ inseam jeans in a few of their 9″ and 10″ rises! I called my local store yesterday and celebrated over the phone with the sales rep but learned they’re not in the store yet so you have to buy online to get them. I cannot WAIT to get mine in the mail and check out how the knee fits. I always hate hemming because the entire lower leg if always off – baggy knee (that needs tailoring) and then the calf is always too tight.