Making Boyfriend Jeans and Sweatpants Look Chic

When we first discovered that loose “boyfriend jeans” officially earned the approval of Fashion Gods and Goddesses everywhere, we were elated. We immediately went shopping and then awarded our skinny, straight-leg, and boot-cut jeans a merited day off denim duty. 

Not much later, we learned it was completely acceptable—even encouraged—to wear an equally relaxed pair of sweatpants (i.e., jogger pants) during a night out. And it was like Pant Independence Day all over again!

Styling the two items, however, has proven to be tricky. Since both the boyfriend jean and sweatpants are fundamentally casual items, they can be pigeonholed as uber-informal and even potentially sloppy. It takes a special sartorial eye to dress up either pair into something more refined—a talent Lauren Price of Fashionably Lo certainly owns.

Today, Lauren shares with The Everygirl readers how it’s done: two fall-oriented approaches to two different pant styles, but both with dressed-up intentions and results.

By Day: Boyfriend Jeans

To add some feminine flair to her more masculine jeans, Lauren donned a cozy sweater. Neither item is formfitting, but still manage to stay cozy—ideal for the months ahead as temperatures decline. The cheerful red hue, along with her gold and turquoise dangling earrings, give the outfit’s palette more contrast and vibrancy. 

And is it too late to add booties with a funky print to our list of Fall 2014 Fashion Trends and Essentials? We love the edge that they, along with the distressing and slight fading of the boyfriend jeans, bring to the overall look.

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By Night: Sweatpants

Sure, tuxedo sweatpants may sound like an oxymoron, but with the right top, strappy heels, a bold lip and a sassy handheld bag, they make perfect sense. Also, look at that impressive half-tuck! Lauren clearly isn’t afraid to experiment with her style, and to us, confidence is always the best accessory

“Joggers are not only extremely comfortable and versatile, but they can also make for the perfect date night staple,” she explains. “To dress these up a bit, I threw on a light printed button-up, ankle strap heels, and a red lip. To top it all off, I added my favorite leopard clutch. The mixed patterns were an exciting addition to the more streamlined pants—it all came together.”

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How do you wear your boyfriend jeans and sweatpants out and about?

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  • sara whittemore

    they are the best! the first album antidotes is also really good, but different. more dancy & upbeat. i love it all!

  • LOVE Foals. They deserve the recognition! 🙂

  • Sophie

    Love Foals! Fantastic at Gov Ball NYC this June!

  • Jill Brenda Lipschultz-Rosenth

    I love you everygirl, and I think she looks great but maybe call me old fashioned, I cannot get into the boyfriend jean / sweats trend. Her bf jeans are actually cute and way less baggy than most, but the sweats with heels . . . .hmm just not sure. Apparently I sleep in JCrew sweats that I should be wearing with heels. I just don’t love the look. It could be my frame, I’m very petite, 5′ and in bf jeans I feel like a kid and I can imagine in sweats and heels I look like a 7 yr old playing dress-up. Love the site!

  • I love the jogger trend! I am actually wearing a pair of joggers right now with some heels! Cannot get enough of this comfy trend!


  • Sarah M

    I really like boyfriend jeans and like the outfit styled above – this is totally a style that works with heels or flats. Joggers/sweatpants however, just don’t go with heels in my books. While the outfit works in theory, it just doesn’t say “evening” to me. I’m all for non-sloppy sweats for a Sunday brunch/errands but there are way better ways to wear the new, streamlined sweats.

  • Allie @ 6000 Miles to Home

    Booties + boyfriend jeans is a new classic combo – she looks great!

  • lwh13

    I love heels and strappy sandals with these looks – it’d be hard to pull off sans-heels.

    Warm Regards,

  • Diane

    I am LOVING this trend

  • Elise Riehle

    At the risk of sounding like an asshole, here I go…love this look, and love the guest blogger you’ve chosen. It’s refreshing to see a real girl, in real clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love high fashion, and suppose I wouldn’t mind weighing 98 lbs…but the truth is I can’t afford $900 sweaters and $2500 shoes and a lady never reveals how much she weighs. Haha!!! Thanks for giving us two great looks that an every girl can wear.

  • Mr. Fabulous

    Love this website! I am a huge fan of Old Navy but I don’t find anything inspiring and imaginative about these two looks. Boyfriend jeans & sweater is such an expected look. The heels & sweat pants combo looks rushed and a bit silly. It looks like she just woke up from a nap and realized she had dinner reservation, put on some heels and bolted out the door. Sorry. She’s very pretty though.

  • Boyfriend jeans cuffed with heeled booties is probably my absolute favorite look right now. It’s chic but comfy.

  • Meredith

    I really love the sweater in the first look, but you’re not linked to the right one on old navy’s site… do you know which one it is?

    • laura

      Looks like the model is wearing the Textured Sweater found here (PS It’s available in stores, too!)

      Happy shopping!

  • I am obsessed with comfort so sweatpants are one of my favorite wardrobe staples! I am always looking for ways to dress them up, and I love that you paired them with a leopard clutch and heels.

  • Nicci Alain

    I’ve always loved wearing bf jeans but it’s only lately that I realized they called it that!
    My fave pairing is a red, slightly fitted checked shirt and suede booties!
    i def wanna try chic sweatpants!