Mastering the Two Piece: How to Rock the Pantsuit

The two-piece pantsuit has gotten a bad wrap over the last few years due to some unfortunate attempts at making it chic. Well, I’m here to make it cool again, and a few of my favorite bloggers are getting this trend oh-so-right. There’s something about putting on a great suit that makes you feel like you can take on the world—and while of course this is not in your everyday round up, a great suit can be just the power outfit you need. It will give you the confidence to help nail that big meeting at work or feel extra fancy at your next networking event.

Here are a few of my go-to tips for mastering this wardrobe wonder.

Fit is everything.

Source: Tounaj

We’ve all seen how an ill-fitting suit just doesn’t quite work the way it should. Make sure your jacket is fitted at the shoulders and sleeves and has the right structure to fit your body type. Tip: Take your suit to a tailor to get it fitted exactly to your frame—it will be a perfectly flattering fit.

Use accessories to pop the look.

Source: Masha-Sedgwick

First time purchasing a two-piece? Opt for a neutral hue like black, grey, or navy for the suit, and use your blouse and great accessories to add visual interest. While you can never go wrong with a simple white silk shell underneath, think colors, pattern, and texture as alternatives to pair with your neutral base.

Go bold (when appropriate).

Source: Tulip Louise

I absolutely love this bold, floral statement making suit. If you work in a creative (and somewhat casual) environment, have a little fun by going big with your patterns. When done right, the final look is perfection.

Pay attention to proportions.

Source: Sweatshirt and Dresses 

There are a variety of different silhouette options to select from when it comes to suit shapes. I recommend opting for a skinnier leg to pair with a tapered jacket and a wider leg if you wear a more cropped look. But there are certainly instances to mix and match! But make sure you’re balancing proportions in the right way to flatter your body.

A few additional styling tips:

  • Push up your sleeves! (Don’t roll them.)
  • Wear a t-shirt underneath or opt for sneakers if you want to create a more casual look.
  • Rock a double button blazer for a formal event. Wearing a suit to a black tie event is unexpected and chic!
  • Try inverting the classic black suit/white shirt combination and go with a white suit with a black suit.

Got more great ways to wear a suit? Share them in the comments below!