The Fix for Dry Winter Skin You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Winter is here, people! Sure, that means holiday music, cozy sweaters, and hot chocolate (or peppermint mochas for those of us who need the caffeine boost), but it also means dry, flaky, dull winter skin, with no sign of that summer glow in sight (doesn’t a tan and moisturized skin feel like ages ago!?).

For as long as you’ve been dealing with irritated patches, dryness, and flaky spots, we’ve been trying to solve them. While our tips and tricks can do wonders for protection against winter wind and dropping temps, sometimes a weekly sheet mask and a nightly humidifier isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to call in the big guns. Enter: CBD.

MINERAL is a brand that is doing CBD beauty the right way. It’s a whole-plant hemp brand that grows, extracts, and formulates high-quality hemp oil for maximum balance in the mind and body. In other words, you know where the ingredients are coming from, and the CBD is only the highest quality. It’s also a brand that focuses on well-being as much as it does on beautifying your skin (you know I’m all about holistic wellness!).

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So what is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a byproduct of the cannabis plant. Luckily for those of you not interested in marijuana, CBD is the part of the plant that does not have any psychoactive effects (THC is the part that causes the mental “high”). Maybe you’ve tried the buzz-worthy ingredient for anxiety, to relieve period discomfort, boost your wellness routine, or maybe you have even dabbled in the CBD beauty game to treat breakouts or lengthen lashes.

But CBD is also the secret to completely treating and/or preventing dry winter skin. Because of its insane anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can soothe irritation caused by environmental surroundings, aka fixing your winter skin at the root of the cause, rather than slapping on a moisturizer and hoping for the best.



The Problem with CBD

CBD might seem too good to be true, and that’s because a lot of the times it is. Since the market is relatively new, it’s not very regulated. Maruchy Lachance, COO and co-founder of Boulder Botanicals & Bioscience Laboratory, told Forbes, A majority of CBD products available are inaccurately labeled, and of course unregulated, which means that there is a lot of ‘snake oil’ or fake CBD products on the market.”

Basically, CBD can do a lot of good for your skin, but it’s important to go with a brand you really trust and do the research to know where the ingredients are coming from. Because we know you have such busy lives (and love you so much!), we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.



CBD Body Kit

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The Fix

Being the skincare geek I am, I’m always on the hunt for the best of the best. MINERAL is completely transparent in their process (not very common in beauty!), and their products are 100 percent organically grown on a small farm in Colorado. For reference, the majority of CBD products today are supplied by third-party suppliers. This means that not only are MINERAL‘s products better for your skin health, but they deliver more benefits, too.



To get into the nitty gritty for you science nerds out there, the body has an endocannabinoid system that maintains bodily homeostasis, or keeps the body balanced. MINERAL sources their CBD oil from hemp genetics that are dense in all cannibinoids and terpenes so that it delivers targeted benefits to the endocannabinoid system. If you are not a science nerd (like me!) and this is all sounding like a foreign language, just know that MINERAL products work to calm irritation and balance skin issues from the inside out, boosting skin health and treating dry winter skin once and for all.

Traditionally an oral CBD company, MINERAL has expanded into topical beauty with CBD body balm (apply to extra dry patches like elbows) and an oil (try applying before bed – it’s formulated to relieve stress and anxiety just from the scent alone). Jack Frost has nothing on them.


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This post was in partnership with MINERAL, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.