The 10 Most Anticipated Books to Read This Spring

It’s time to spring into a good book! (See what I did there?) Celebrated authors Louise Erdrich, Emily St. John Mandel, N.K. Jemisin, Emma Straub, Hilary Mantel and Elizabeth Acevedo comprise just a short list of the (many) amazing women releasing new books this spring, but for this list, we’re delving into 10 novels by authors with whom you might not be as familiar. No matter your preferred genre—thriller, historical fiction, romance, magical realism, a blend of a few of these—we hope there’s something on this list that you’ll like. Enjoy!


Leesa Cross-Smith

So We Can Glow: Stories

March 10, 2020

I loved Kentucky author Leesa Cross-Smith’s debut novel, Whiskey & Ribbons, back in 2018, so I was delighted to learn she has another book coming out this year. This collection includes 42 short stories about desire, love, and loss to get you through the spring. (P.S.—Roxane Gay gave it 5 stars, so if you don’t trust me, trust her!)

Rebecca Serle

In Five Years

March 10, 2020

The premise of this book is simple yet unique: a woman wakes up for one hour, five years in the future and sees her life has gone far off the careful path she’s plotted for herself. I was expecting a sweet, light story about love and “finding yourself” in early adulthood, but what I got was kind of a gut-punch, in the most refreshing way.

Megan Giddings


March 24, 2020

This debut novel about a mysterious research study in contemporary Michigan was like a terrifying mash-up between Jordan Peele’s "Get Out" and Kazuo Ishiguro’s "Never Let Me Go." I was pleasantly surprised to discover I did not have nightmares when I read this book before bed, but please don’t blame me if you do!

Sahar Mustafah

The Beauty of Your Face: A Novel

April 7, 2020

Perhaps my most anticipated book of spring (that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading already), this novel is not going to be easy to read, but it sounds so important. It takes place at a Muslim school for girls in the Chicago suburbs and focuses on the principal, a Palestinian-American woman, during an active shooter attack on her school.

C Pam Zhang

How Much of These Hills is Gold: A Novel

April 7, 2020

In the aftermath of the California Gold Rush, two immigrant teenagers become orphans in an unwelcoming mining town in the American West. As they strike out on their own to bury their father’s body, their quest is not only to survive the dangerous environment (and people) of the territory, but to find a place to call home.

Afia Atakora

Conjure Women: A Novel

April 7, 2020

I was first drawn to this debut novel because of the gorgeous imagery on the cover, but I know the contents aren’t always going to be pretty. The novel tells the stories of three women in the American South before and after the Civil War: a healing woman, her daughter, and their master’s daughter.

Samantha Downing

He Started It

April 28, 2020

When three siblings (who don’t really like each other) gather to retrace a road trip they took as kids, secrets start spilling (along with the occasional blood). All the quirky roadside attractions they visit in this book are real, if you want to add a few to your own road trip itinerary (or not). Downing’s first thriller, "My Lovely Wife," was a huge hit last year, so you can bet her sophomore effort will be one of the most-hyped thrillers of this season.

Shubhangi Swarup

Latitudes of Longing: A Novel

May 5, 2020

This award-winning novel was published in India in 2018, but it’s finally coming to U.S. bookstores this spring. In this sweeping novel, the Earth itself promises to be as much of a character in the story as any of the people, as the book spans the immense space between the Andaman Sea and Pakistan.

Natalia Sylvester


May 5, 2020

Natalia Sylvester, the author of two previous novels including the much-loved "Everyone Knows You Go Home," is publishing her first young adult book this May, and I can't wait. In a presidential election year, I don’t necessarily want my fiction to be filled with election politics, but this story about a Cuban-American teenager whose father runs for president sounds too good to pass up.

Alyssa Cole

How to Catch a Queen

May 26, 2020

As I may have mentioned a time (or two, or three) before, Alyssa Cole was the first author I read who showed me that romance novels could be smart and feminist and funny and sexy and not the fluffy drivel I had previously (wrongfully) assumed them to be. So when I saw Cole has a brand-new romance series (Runaway Royals) debuting in May, I’ll admit I might have squealed a bit.


What book(s) are you looking forward to reading this spring?