We Blew Through “Bridgerton”, Here Are 8 New Netflix Features We Can’t Wait to Watch Next

There’s nothing that I love quite more than catching feelings for a new Netflix feature, falling madly in love with the characters, and adopting the show’s syntax (i.e., telling my friends they “must make haste” instead of urging them to pick up the pace). In the same breath, there is no greater feeling of emptiness than experiencing the inevitable post-season blues when you run out of episodes to watch. I felt it with Grey’s Anatomy, I felt it with The Office, I felt it with Peaky Blinders, and, most recently, I felt it with Bridgerton

After mending many series-end broken hearts, I’ve learned that the best way to cope is to find a replacement that’s even better. Lucky for us, Netflix is in the business of keeping us entertained with hit after hit and, for that, I’m eternally grateful. Here are the 8 new features we’ll be watching in the next month to fill the Bridgerton-sized hole in our hearts… Netflix, we’re ready to be hurt again.


1. Firefly Lane

Release date: February 3

The trailer for Firefly Lane made me want to FaceTime my bestie, take a trip down memory lane, and tell her I love her. This new drama series (based on the book by the same name) follows the ups, downs, and friendship of Kate and Tully over the course of three decades. I have a feeling this one will pair well with a BFF and a glass of vino.


2. Outlander, Season 4

Release date: January 27

Outlander fans, rejoice! It’s been quite the wait but, on January 27, you’ll finally be able to stream the fourth season. If you haven’t hopped on the train yet, this is your sign to get started. This historical drama has it all—steamy romance, fantasy, time travel, and politics. What more could we ask for?


3. The White Tiger

Release date: January 22

The White Tiger is Netflix’s newest installment based on the bestselling book of the same name. This drama crime film tells the intense tale of Balram, a poor villager in modern India. Growing up, society trained Balram to make himself an indispensable servant to his rich master. But after a night of betrayal, Balram rebels to save himself and to rise up against all odds.


4. Malcolm & Marie

Release date: February 5

When I say that I’ll be watching Malcolm & Marie for the plot, I most definitely mean that I’ll be watching it solely for Zendaya. Real talk, this black-and-white, intimate romantic drama looks like a whole ass work of art. After returning home from Malcolm’s movie premiere and awaiting the film’s critical response, the evening takes a turn and pushes the couple to the limits.


5. To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Release date: February 12

It’s no secret that, here at TEG, we stan Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey. After two films of watching Lara and Peter navigate the butterflies and woes of teenage love, we find the dynamic duo in their senior year of high school. After a pair of two life-changing trips, Lara is led to reimagine what her future will look like after graduation—with or without Peter. I am going to need a full week to cope and debrief after watching this but I am ready for it.


6. Shadow and Bone

Release date: April

This highly anticipated fantasy series is based on the overlapping book series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. When a young soldier in a darkly divided world discovers that her magical gift might unite her country, dark forces rise and plot against her. If you’re into dark and twisty fantasy features, this is going to be your new favorite.


7. I Care a Lot

Release date: February 19

This drama-comedy-thriller film looks absolutely wild. I Care a Lot tells the tale of a shady legal guardian who deceives an elderly woman, only to find that said elderly woman has ties to a powerful gangster. Ugh, I hate when that happens!


8. The Dig

Release date: January 29

This drama-history film is based on the novel of the same name. On the eve of WWII, a British widow seeks the help of a self-trained archaeologist who helps to uncover one of Britain’s greatest archaeological finds. Somewhere in the dirt and the digging, an unexpected romance develops. We’ll be marking our calendars for this one.