Our Favorite Travel Instagram Accounts

Whether you’re commuting to work, riding the elevator to your desk, waiting for a friend at dinner, or winding down for the night in bed, there’s one constant throughout our days: a smartphone at our fingertips. And we don’t know about you, but as we pass idle time scrolling through our social feeds, gorgeous pictures of unknown places get our wheels turning—where are we going to travel next?

So we polled The Everygirl’s travel writers to come up with our favorite Instagram eye candy to add to your list of daily wanderlust. We bet you’ll be planning your next trip before no time!

1. @thebusandus

Source: @thebusandus

This Alaskan couple not only quit their jobs to venture on a trip of a lifetime, but they are doing it on four wheels! Tessa and Dillon bought a 1975 VW bus on sale for just $500, restored it to working condition, and began the journey from their hometown in Alaska south to Argentina last year.

2. @gypsea_lust

Source: @gypsea_lust

Lauren is an Australian photographer who travels the world, working for clients in tourism and fashion. She has a knack for finding beautiful beaches, which always gets us dreaming about our next dose of gorgeous blue ocean water.

3. @cntraveler

Source: @cntraveler

Condé Nast is world renowned for their high quality content, so why not look here for travel advice as well? 2016 is the 20th edition of their Hot List, with top hotels across 36 countries chosen by their editors. We’re making it a goal to try and stay in every one!

4. @helloemilie

Source: @helloemilie

Emilie is a self-proclaimed wanderer, and we are so very inspired by her beautiful photography from coast to coast.

5. @localwanderer

Source: @localwanderer

Elaine and Taylor are two best friends who quit their jobs in 2014 to drive the entire West Coast. They are passionate about curating local recommendations in each city, and have redefined tourism as “localism.”

6. @budgettraveller

Source: @budgettraveller

Instead of sacrificing luxury to save a buck or two, Kash has figured out how to travel in style without breaking the bank. Aside from running a blog, he also wrote an e-book detailing Europe’s top 40 luxury hostels in 2013 and, most recently, launched “Must Love Festivals,” a project to increase awareness about smaller festivals around Europe.

7. @sherlockfall

Source: @sherlockfall

Roberta is in love with all things Italy, especially the region of Puglia. She also has another creative account (@planwithsherlockfall) where she posts pictures of her incredibly creative journaling practices.

8. @francesmehardie

Source: @francesmehardie

Scottish Frances is based in Oxford and posts about all things British. Yes, please.

9. @asiyami_gold

Source: @asiyami_gold

Asiyami’s account is so much more than just beautiful pictures! Her posts and videos each tell a story about her work and life experiences throughout the world.

10. @letsgrabacuppa

Source: @letsgrabacuppa

Design, travel, and coffee—need we say more?

11. @girleatworld

Source: @girlseatworld

Melissa solved the problem most of us face when traveling alone: How do I take a picture to remember this incredible meal without having to ask a stranger? Thus, the food selfie was born.

12. @sarahirenemurphy

Source: @sarahirenemurphy

Sarah and her partner in crime Stefaan co-founded the design firm Miles and Miles with their travels as inspiration. Since, they have worked with big-name companies, including Gap and TokyoBike NYC.

13. @valerielily

Source: @valerielily

Valerie is content editor by trade and writer for @travelagewest. If you’re visiting LA, be sure to check out her city guide—she’s been compiling the best spots since 2012.

14. @topfrancephoto

Source: @topfrancephoto

We can never get enough of pictures of France! This account is a series of pictures that use the hashtag #topfrancephoto on Instagram. Tip: If you’re interested in other destinations, sub out the “France” location for your favorite city or country to view these beautiful social feeds.

15. @_lagiuditta

Source: @_lagiuditta

This architect’s Instagram account captures a variety of the most beautiful scenes from across the globe. Roberta inspires us to get outside and take in the local scene wherever we are.

16. @theblondeabroad


Kiersten graduated from college and jumped into a finance job before realizing she had other big dreams. Today, she’s traveled to more than 40 countries and shares her stylish adventures along the way—all as she searches for true happiness. Her tips and experiences are a great resource for solo female travelers.

17. @expertvagabond

Source: @expertvagabond

Matthew Karsten is a traveler looking for a rush and a self-proclaimed adrenaline addict. For the last six years, he’s roamed the world with the intention of getting out of his own comfort zone by embracing the true definition of a vagabond: One who leads an unsettled or carefree life.

18. @oliviathebaut

Source: @oliviathebaut

The soft hues and pastel palette of Olivia’s photos make us want to not only book a trip, but also overhaul our wardrobe, home decor, and weekly dinners. And for even more inspiration, visit her blog for her freelance art and photography.

19. @eatravelove_

Source: @eatravelove_

Each of Pinar’s photos is more beautiful than the next—whether she’s sharing her most recent travels, street style, or adventures with friends—and we are along for the ride.

20. @triphackr

Source: @triphackr

These days everyone is looking for a deal, and Clint has perfected the art of trip hacking in order to make the most of his money while traveling. Follow his journeys to learn tips on how to use resources that you wouldn’t normally consider, but are well worth it!

21. @hellopoe

Source: @hellopoe

Originally from New Zealand, and now living in London, Adrienne travels the world for her clients as a photographer and creative director. She specializes in portraits, which makes her feed an incredible way to glimpse cultures in far away places.

22. @theballoondiary

Source: @theballoondiary

What could be more fun and whimsical than following a pink balloon around the world? Nothing!

23. @kirstenalana

Source: @kirstenalana

Kristen calls NYC home but has been documenting her many trips for years on her blog, Aviators and a Camera. While her Instagram photos are stunning, she also includes detailed information about the area she’s visiting to give more insight into her experiences.

24. @teamwoodnote

Source: @teamwoodnote

Caroline and Jayden met backstage at a concert and have been inseparable ever since. As photographers, they have traveled the world and even made it to all seven continents! Today, they focus on portrait sessions and wedding collections.

25. @lucylaucht

Source: @lucylaucht

Lucy left her home in England and traveled to 30 countries before settling down in New York where she works in fashion. Her Instagram feed is filled with off-the-beaten path hidden gems that bring each place she visits to life.