Our Must-Haves For a Comfortable Travel Day

All through my 20s, I’ve had a habit of doing one of the worst things a person can do: booking flights at the awful hour of 6am. EVERY single time I swear it will be the last. But travel is expensive, and somehow I always convince myself that a 3:30am wakeup call is a small price to pay for cheap airfare. This means that in the past, I’ve ended up going through the airport check-in line in the same outfit that I literally slept in. CHIC.

However, as I’ve approached my late 20s, I’ve wised up. Yes, I still book the 6am flights, but I’ve finally hit my stride with a set of five travel essentials that lets me roll out of bed, stay comfortable, and somehow still look like I put myself together before stepping into society (Fooled ya!).


1. A Bralette

There’s no need to subject yourself to uncomfortable wires that jab your skin when you’re probably already dealing with the middle seat and an airline that doesn’t give you so much as a peanut. Vanity Fair lingerie recently launched the softest, most supportive, comfy bralettes out there, and I never, ever travel while wearing anything else. They look extra cute when you pair with a slouchy sweater and let a hint of lace peek out from the shoulder.

Vanity Fair



2. A Cozy Third Layer

It’s a fact of life: Airplanes are always freezing. Jackets can be bulky, so I always try to travel with a pashmina or wrap that I can easily take on and off when I get chilly or just want to try to cozy up and get some shut-eye.


3. Pants That Are Oh-So-Comfy but Look Like You Tried

Praise be to the person who invented joggers. Your ratty college sweatpants can finally retire and you don’t even have to feel sad about it. Soft, stylish, and the holy grail of comfort.


Ankle Zip Leggings

for when you did to look a little polished (but still comfortable)


4. Slip-on Shoes

I distinctly remember the time I was in the airport security line with eight minutes to get to my gate before the plane doors closed, and I made the rookie mistake of wearing boots. I didn’t have time to put them on all the way so I ran/hobbled to the gate with my feet only partially in my shoes — and let me tell you, I’ve ONLY worn slip-ons since. No laces or zippers allowed.


5. A Great Book to Pass the Time

I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes flying because it feels like special, borrowed time to yourself. Your email is down, your phone is off, so what else can you do but curl up with a good book and get lost for a couple of hours? It turns travel time into a treat instead of a hassle.


What essentials do you rely on for making travel comfortable? Tell us your tips in the comments below!




This post was in partnership with Vanity Fair lingerie, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.