Our Top Packing Tips for Your Summer Getaway

You can feel it already: warm sun on your skin, sand between your toes, and sound of the ocean relaxing you from head to toe. This is what summer is all about and, luckily, vacation is just around the corner. While we’re sure you can’t wait to get your tan on and a few piña coladas in your system, you’ll want to be well prepared. Whether you’re heading to a local lakeside retreat or across the globe to a far-flung island, these tips will help make planning and packing for your next warm weather getaway a lot less stressful.

Check the Weather

First thing, first—check the weather for the duration of your trip to plan. While we all would like to hope that the weather will be sunny every day, we need to be a bit realistic about our expectations. Cool nights? Bring a pair of jeans. Rainy mornings? Bring a small umbrella in your carry­-on. This small and seemingly simple planning step will definitely make your trip easier and less stressful.

Prevent Spills

No one wants to open their suitcase to find that their favorite nail polish spilled all over everything. In the summer, we tend to travel with liquids (sunscreen, bug spray, etc.) and things can go awry. But don’t stress—there are ways to prevent this! When it comes to twist top bottles, cut out a piece of plastic wrap and cover the opening of the bottle before sealing it with the cap. Then, place all of the bottles in a large zip­lock bag for instant protection from spills. For liquid containers that have an applicator attachment (like nail polish), double up on plastic bags for extra security.

Consider Beauty Must­-Haves

Let’s be real: You’ll likely be in the sun all day, every day on vacation. And the last thing you want to look like is a bright red lobster in your vacation photos so a good sunscreen is a must! So, bring beauty products that you know will cost more to purchase at your destination. (Because who wants to pay $20 for suntan lotion?) While sunscreen and aloe vera are no brainers, baby powder is another great summertime essential. Yes, really! Baby powder is a miracle worker for removing sand from your skin, helping you avoid those “Uh, how did sand get there?” moments.

Plan Outfits Beforehand

When it comes to beach vacations, you don’t really need to bring much. We promise! Traveling to warmer climates means that the clothes you pack will be naturally lighter too. Let the heavier items in your bag be your shoes and beauty products.

Try to listen to your gut when you are planning your outfits. If you really love a skirt, but you can’t seem to work it in with your other items, leave it behind. Pack items that will work together in a variety of ways to maximize options. When you decide what you are going to bring, roll your clothes instead of folding them to save extra space and to prevent wrinkles. Tip: Roll everything inside out so if anything gets dirty while in transit, it will be on the inside of your clothes—we can deal with that much easier, can’t we?

Evaluate Carry-­On Essentials

For most people, the minute you leave your front door you want to be in vacation mode so don’t let the little things stress you out while you’re on your journey. Let your carry­-on be your personal assistant during your flight. The bag you choose to stow underneath your seat should have the essentials you need when you are in-flight. Personally, I make sure that I have a pair of headphones, an eye mask, a book, a water bottle, and my computer. This will also make your neighbors thankful that you’re not constantly getting things from your bag in the overhead bin—it’s a win­-win for everyone.

To help you with planning, we put together a summer packing list of our essentials. Though your list may vary based on the length of your vacation, this list should help you along the way!


● 1 Pair of flip flops
● 1 Romper/jumpsuit
● 2 Dresses
● 2 Bathing suits
●  Jewelry (basics plus a statement piece or two)
● 1 Pair of sandals
● 1 Pair of shorts
● 1 Skirt
● 1 Hat
● Sunglasses
● 1 Pair of jeans (optional depending on weather)
● 3 Shirts
● Undergarments (depending on the length of your stay)


● Dry shampoo
● Aloe vera
● Sunscreen/Suntan lotion
● Nail polish (1 color)
● Baby powder
● Face mask
● Make­up remover
● Chapstick
● Everyday make­up essentials
● Deodorant
● Lipstick


● Eye mask
● Book/Reading materials
● Computer
● Camera
● Chargers
● Headphones
● Travel journal
● Passport