6 Plus-Size Pieces You Need for Summer

It’s July, and summer is FINALLY HERE! I never thought I’d say those words, as it’s rained and/or been under 70 degrees for the last two months here in the Midwest. Since the weather hasn’t cooperated with me, I’ve had the time to seriously build my wardrobe. From comfy, flowy dresses for work and happy hour to the best high-waisted shorts to wear to brunch and concerts this summer, my closet has never looked better. (The same could be said for myself!) 


1. Comfortable Dress

My summer wardrobe is pretty much built around dresses. You don’t have to find pants to match, and your legs are free all day long. What could be better? Pair these all with a pair of sandals and a crossbody bag for a shopping day with the girls or with heels for a night on the town with your S.O.


2. High-Waisted Shorts

Shorts season used to stress me out, but with a little confidence and better-fitting options, I couldn’t be happier to break out my shorts every season. High-waisted shorts are all I own (Do they even sell low-waisted shorts anymore? I honestly kind of hope they don’t), and I’m here to share all my favorites. Woohoo!

American Eagle

Denim Mom Shorts

available up to size 20, 9 colors available


Linen-Blend Shorts

4 colors available

3. Button-Down

We’re obsessed with button-down tees this season at TEG and so are our readers! So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share some of our favorite plus-size options too. These pair perfectly with your high-waisted shorts or with white jeans for an all-white look. You can even tie them up as a layer over a dress for a casual vibe when it’s just a little too hot for your denim jacket. 


4. Linen Pants

I’ve basically sworn away anything that resembles pants this season, but linen is a casual, soft, breezy fabric that doesn’t make me feel sweat in places that really shouldn’t feel that way, ya feel me? Whether you’re opting for a light-weight jogger for brunch or something a little fancier for work, these will replace all of your heavy slacks for the next few months.


5. Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic tees aren’t just for quirky middle school sayings that would make us cringe. (I vividly remember a shirt I had in 6th grade that said “rawr is ‘I love you’ in dinosaur.” Excuse me, but mom, why did you let me wear that in public?) A cute graphic T-shirt can be worn with shorts, jeans, midi skirts — you name it. I personally believe you can wear a graphic T-shirt the same way you’d wear a white one! (Just pay attention to the color palette, and I’d say you’re good as gold.)


6. Going Out Top

Everyone needs that slightly fancy top that makes them feel sexy and confident when they’re spending a night on the town. The perfect going-out top can be worn with all of your jeans and is easily accessorized depending on your mood. Trying to find a date for that wedding coming up in September? Tuck into a midi skirt. Need a serious GNO after you found out Chad had another girlfriend? Add hoops and a red lip. Meeting your BFFs for happy hour? Add a leather jacket and heels. The options are endless!






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