5 Definite Signs You’re Still in the Post-Travel Glow

Perhaps you’ve recently returned from a spring break trip. You’ve just spent a gorgeous week in Cabo San Lucas, or island-hopped Hawaii, maybe spent a few weeks exploring Europe. Your skin is radiating all the vitamin D you’ve just absorbed, and with the smell of salty ocean air still tingling your senses, you return feeling lighter. Nay, you’re floating on a dang cloud. Nothing can touch you. You inhabit a new, elevated plane of existence that’s full of nothing but good vibes. Maybe it’s all that organic, unprocessed food you’ve been eating, but to the disbelief of everyone around you, you are most definitely still in the post-travel glow. If your coworkers’ eye rolls haven’t been enough of a confirmation, here are some definite signs you’re still basking in the glow:


1. Regular annoyances go unnoticed

Passive-aggressive work emails? Manspreader on your morning commute? Cute dog suddenly took a dump and made your otherwise endearing moment of eye contact awkward? (Just me?) Pfft, nice try, earthlings. You can not, and will not, be brought down. Four days of beach-side yoga has taught you to find your inner peace and the zen has been LOCATED. You’re still living so intensely in your dreamy vacation memories that these mundane occurrences aren’t even noticed!


Source: @reema_desai


2. Dropping travel references into literally any conversation

Oh your boyfriend has a dairy allergy, you say? Wow that’s so sad because I mean, what about cheese? And not just any cheese, but goat cheese! And now that you mention goat cheese, you haven’t really eaten goat cheese until you’ve had it in Barcelona. My friend and I went to this little tapas bar there and the fig jam pairing actually brought her to tears… see what I mean? (By the way my friend really did cry over the fig jam in Barcelona, so yes I just dropped a reference in a paragraph about dropping references! Referen-ception!)


3. Suddenly using unfamiliar slang

G’day! Just going to have some avo toast for brekkie before I head out to meet some mates this arvo for a few pints. Cheers! Haha, what do you mean… I’ve definitely always talked like this? Fair dinkum, lol!


Source: @annafoushee

4. Dressing like you’re still on vaca

Yes, it may be 45 degrees when you’ve returned from your two weeks of experiencing what some call an “actually hospitable climate,” but it is APRIL, damnit. Spring has sprung and you will not be relegated to sweaters and black jeans for one more day! Cue the sundresses and slides you’ve been rocking the past week and run inside that restaurant before you catch pneumonia, you floral vision!


5. Posting photos captioned “take me back”

Finally, the pinnacle travel-glow behavior: the throwback pics. Every day on IG, you can’t help but upload one more stunning photo captured in an incredible location that you no longer inhabit. ‘Take me back to the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower,’ you say, with a few sad faces to really drive the despondency home. ‘Missing this” you write below a pic of you and your significant other with leis around your necks, clutching Mai Tais. Who said #tbt was reserved for Thursdays, after all?



We get it. You had an incredible time and would rather still be on vacation, or so it seems by the incredibly subtle hints you’ve been dropping. And while everyone around you may be slightly annoyed that you’re still buzzing around with the kind of optimism only sourced from four days at a Sandals all-inclusive drink bar, enjoy these dreamy days while they last! They may even give you a new perspective on an otherwise repetitive routine!