Printable Artwork Is Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Design Hack—Here Are The Best Finds

We all know that art can really make or break a space. It adds depth, character, and interest — plus it makes your space more personal. But gallery walls and large-scale prints are not cheap, especially if you buy an original piece or something already framed. Luckily, there’s a solution for getting beautiful artwork without having to spend large sums of money. It’s all about finding printable pieces that you can buy for less than $20, and then having them printed in whatever size you want. Here are some of our favorite prints, and the best options for how to print them:


How to Print Your Artwork


Through Costco or Staples 

With affordable price points and the ability to print large scale, both of these big store options will work great! Juniper Print Shop has a great breakdown of places and size recommendations.


At Home 

This is obviously the easiest and most convenient way to print if you do have a high-quality printer at home. We would recommend this option if you’re doing much smaller prints that don’t need to be amazing quality. Also, make sure you invest in some better card stock so it holds up to the ink a bit better.


Go Local 

You probably have a few local print shops in your city that will print quality images for you —and it always feels good to shop local!


Printing and Framing In One 

Places like Framebridge or Simply Framed can act as a one-stop shop if you want to have your printing and framing done together. They have amazing options and great customer service.








Modern Brush Stroke

Juniper Print Shop

Knots I

Juniper Print Shop

Garden Roses II

Juniper Print Shop


Juniper Print Shop

Dash I

Juniper Print Shop




Juniper Print Shop

Amalfi Coast

Juniper Print Shop

White Sands


Beach Wall Print


Ocean Print

Juniper Print Shop

Shady I





Juniper Print Shop


Juniper Print Shop


Juniper Print Shop

Suzani Print

Where is your favorite place to buy artwork? Share in the comments below!