10 Super Helpful Resources for Women

A group of researchers once found that when scared, female rats didn’t fight or flight. Instead, they did what is now known as “tend and befriend”. The female rat’s solution to stressful situations was to nurture and seek the support of others instead of fighting or escaping. I don’t believe in making sweeping generalizations, but I like to think that the events of the past few years have caused women to tend and befriend.

A lot of my work focuses on providing resources for women that I hope will help them with their careers, finances, and personal lives. I’ve uncovered many great resources for women over the years and want to highlight the great work these organizations are doing. Maybe you don’t need to utilize any of the resources these nonprofits or business offer right now, but they are great resources to bookmark for future use or share with friends in need.


1. Maven

Maven advertises itself as a “new type of healthcare company that puts women and modern families at the center.” They believe every woman and family deserves access to high-quality care, even without health insurance. Their high-tech platform provides affordable access to medical professionals. Instead of paying for insurance every month, you pay on an as-needed basis for short virtual appointments with healthcare professionals.


2. Girlboss Foundation

Girlboss provides tons of great resources for women looking to kill it at work or make it as an entrepreneur through their blog, conferences, and books. Those resources alone qualify them to be on this list, but the Girlboss Foundation really secured their spot. Since 2014, this foundation has awarded over $130,000 in financial grants to female-identifying entrepreneurs to help them turn their innovative ideas into successful companies. Grants are awarded on a biannual basis for $15,000 in funding and exposure in the Girlboss community.


3. Ellevest

Ellevest is an online advisor platform designed to help women invest their money in a way that is tailored to their needs. For example, their investment models account for the fact that generally women make less than men, but live longer years in retirement. They’re breaking out of the “boys world” finance mode in order to help women prepare for retirement.



4. Skillcrush

Skillcrush is an online coding and design school targeted at teaching underrepresented groups — women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color — the skills needed to work in tech. Skillcrush offers web design, UX, and digital marketing online courses in the hopes of ending the gender gap in tech.



TIME’S UP was part of a movement that couldn’t be ignored and their organization is still growing. This organization insists on safe, fair, and dignified work for women of all kinds. They partner with leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws and corporate policies as well as enable more women and men to access legal aid. Take a look at their resources if you feel there is inequality at play in your workplace.


6. pineapple

pineapple began in 2015 with a goal of bringing women together around good food. Their collaborative now hosts over 100,000 women who convene online and offline. They believe in using food to help women connect, share with each other, and strengthen our collective voice. You can check out some of their upcoming events here.



7. Girls Who Code

This empowering resource is for rather young women but is a cause so many women can get behind. Fewer than one in five computer science graduates are women. Girls Who Code is trying to change those numbers. They offer learning opportunities for female students to help deepen their computer science skills and confidence. Their programs creates pathways for their alumni to join the computing workforce. Students are also provided with a supportive community of peers and role models.


8. Dress for Success

Dress for Success helps women find employment and meet their professional goals by providing them with workwear apparel they may not have been able to afford. They also offer a variety of development tools to help women thrive in their careers. Learn how you can donate clothing or benefit from the program here.


9. Safr

If you feel uncomfortable using rideshare apps due to safety concerns (I’ve personally had some scary encounters using these services), you may want to consider using Safr next time you need a ride. Safr allows riders to select the gender of their driver. This feature enables women to choose female drivers if that makes them feel more comfortable. The app boasts safety features such as one called “SOS” which gives riders the option of contacting 911, Safr, or a pre-designated contact automatically. All drivers are screened through an in-person meeting and a one-hour driving session with a Safr employee before hiring.



10. The Little Market

Whenever you shop at The Little Market, your purchase helps generate meaningful income for female artisans. Beautiful home and style pieces that help empower women around the world is a combo we can all get behind.