See the Full Victoria Beckham Collection for Target

  • Copy by: Kelly Etz
  • Feature Image By: Target

1. You need to see the collection Victoria Beckham just announced for Target

It will spice up your life… do you see what I did there. 


2. This obscure $13 cleanser supposedly gets rid of acne and B.O.

Where has this magical liquid been all my life. For real, though.


3. This Samsung TV looks like a piece of art while you’re not using it and how has nobody thought of this before

I need this in my life.


4. It’s fiiiiiiiiiiiinally Beauty and the Beast weekend and our hearts are EXPLODING with joy

Tale as old as time… *sobs* …song as old as rhyme…


5. Here’s everything you need to know about filling out your March Madness bracket

In case you don’t give a fig about basketball, the March Madness skincare bracket is real and it’s here. Play on, playas.


6. Go and take this survey immediately because Mrs. Porter’s second-grade students need to learn about graphs

What kind of food do you like — pizza or soup? Important information is on the line here.


7. Chance the Rapper donated $1 MILLION dollars to Chicago public schools like a radiant hero

Talk about chances. Bow down.


8. The White House released a budget proposal for Trump’s border wall and the price keeps going up

The wall is estimated to cost billions on top of billions and who will pay for it is still not exactly “clear.”