Share Your Engagement Story

Getting engaged and deciding to commit to another person for the rest of your life is undoubtedly one of the biggest personal steps a woman can take, so we’d love to hear about your proposal. Was your proposal consciously thought out by you and your partner together or were you completely surprised? Was your engagement short or long, and what was the process of waiting to be married like?  Even if you aren’t yet engaged or married, we want to know what your ideal proposal would be like. Do you prefer a simple proposal or a grand gesture? Do you want to have a short engagement and marry sooner or have a long engagement and plenty of time to plan a wedding? Please share your thoughts—we want to know all the lovely details!

photo by Kate Ignatowski

  • aiz

    🙂 he asked, i said yes. just want to share our engagement story. watch the video in the link 🙂

  • Kristina Abretti 🙂

  • Kiera

    My fiancee proposed to me on a football field during the halftime show. The band played “Make It Last Forever…” Here is the link! If you go to the 6 minute part, you will see the beginning of the song. I am still amazed that everyone knew except me…I do wish someone would have grabbed my purse and had me take off my jacket…

    It was a beautiful surprise…

  • Tiffany Alvarez-Jaramillo

    I love hearing how other people got engaged. I’m pretty young, I’m only 18 and my fiance is only 19. We’ve been together for over 3 years and we’ve had the biggest crush on each other way before that. We grew up together at a daycare and ever since then we’ve been inseparable. I decided to enlist in the army and eventually he did following the next month. We both share the same past, dreams and love for each other, we want to create a future together. So in May we went to my senior prom and afterwards we got something to eat and took it back to his house. I changed into my shorts and shirts because it’s uncomfortable to stay in a dress and high heels all night long. After we were done eating I’m sitting there on the couch watching tv and he said he would be back. He comes back and begins to tell me how much he loves and out of no where he gets on one knee and proposes. I started crying and yelled yes out loud. Of course I woke everyone in the house but they were happy for us. It’s sounds kinda corny because he proposed on prom night but it was a unforgettable moment. We both plan to get married once we graduate from basic training. I leave a week before him. It’s gonna be sad we won’t be able to see or be with each other for 4 long months.

  • Nina

    My fiance and I were together about 5 and a half years before we got engaged. We got together pretty young (I was 21 and he was 24), so despite the fact that 6 months into our relationship we were planning our wedding, we waited to get engaged until we were old enough to do it right. The first time we discussed our wedding (about 5 years ago haha) we were standing at Bonnaroo Music Festival watching Beirut the band. We were slow dancing to this incredibly romantic song when he said, “this should be the song we dance to at our wedding”, I, of course, swooned and said “then this is officially our song”. Almost 2 months ago, Beirut was playing in Prospect Park, close to where we live, we decided to go. I knew something was up because he was acting a little too casual about the concert (i.e. forgetting the date, messing up the time or location, having to check the calendar for it, etc.), but he had arranged a decoy trip to upstate New York for a few weekends after the concert, so I assumed it was happening then. Anyway, back to the concert, about 5-6 songs in, they played our song, we kissed and danced then he leaned down behind me, I started getting mad that he was more interested in finding his beer or water bottle than experiencing the song with me. So I turned around to tell him to just come dance with me and he was on one knee. I, of course, said yes a million times. We kissed and hugged and danced the rest of the song. Looking back I can’t remember most of the details after I turned around and saw him on one knee. I remember a few people coming up to us and telling us how cute it was to watch and congratulations and stuff. After the song ended, he told me he had talked to the venue and worked it out that we could go to this special VIP tent to watch the rest of the show. It was so magical and romantic and amazing. In a word it was perfect. We have now been engaged 2 months, we have booked a venue and set a date for 1 year from now.