Splurge vs. Save: Where to Spend on Decor

When we decorate our homes, it’s a really personal process. We’re creating the perfect place where we can escape, spend time, live life, and make memories. That being said, the process can be quite overwhelming. With all of the beautiful things (thanks, Pinterest), how can we nail down what’s important and what’s not? How do we know where to spend and where to save? Well we’ve got to prioritize. Since everyone’s priorities differ slightly, we’re giving you some guidelines, rather than hard-and-fast rules, for smart spending.

Splurge: Investment Pieces

Source: Danielle Moss for The Everygirl

There are certain items that need to be made to last because they’re going to get lots of use. Furniture where you spend a lot of time will get more use and endure more wear and tear than other pieces of furniture in your home. I might spend a lot of time entertaining in my kitchen, so to me it’s important to have pretty and quality bar stools for when I have guests over. You might have a reading nook where you spend a lot of time in the evenings. The spaces where we spend the most time are places where we want our purchases to last. However, I think we can all agree that our sofa, bed, and upholstered furniture get a lot of use and are worth investing in. For items like these, here’s what it comes down to: if you plan on keeping it for a long time, you can’t skimp on quality, so put your dollars in these baskets.

Questions to ask: Where do I spend most of my time? What items do I want to last for years?

Save: Accents

Source: Judy Pak for The Everygirl

Accents are where we can have a fun and really change up a room quickly. Change out a side table, swap out bright pillows for patterned ones, and add a rug with a little more texture—you have a brand new room! Because we can do this so easily, we often do. As a general rule (there’s always room for exceptions!), don’t spend a lot on accents. This is where you can really save. Why spend hundreds of dollars on accent pillows if you’ll likely swap them out for new ones after six months? Take those dollars and put them toward your dream sofa!

Questions to ask: Which items might I switch out frequently? Is this item really important enough to justify spending X dollars or would that money be better spent somewhere else?

Splurge: Statement Pieces

Source: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

There are plenty of pieces that can make a statement; there’s no question about that. So how do we know when it’s worth it? Sometimes we’ve nailed down our vision for a room and then we find a piece with that fabulous wow factor. All of a sudden, our room wouldnt be the same without it. If you find a statement piece that you feel will really complete a room, it’s okay to cave. It’s worth it. If you don’t believe me, just check out Carrie Bradshaw Lied’s headboard.

Questions to ask: Does this item really “make” the room? Will this piece stand the test of time enough for it to be worth the spend? Have I nailed down my style well enough to justify spending so much on this one specific item?

Save: Trendy Pieces

Source: Natalie Franke for Glitter Guide

Don’t go overboard on trends. You might love gold, but you don’t need everything in your home to be kissed with it. Save on pieces you think are fun or of-the-moment, but aren’t sure how long they’ll be staying. Any item that is raging in popularity will likely fall into the “dated” category at some point. When your favorite trend sees less popular days, you don’t want to look back regretting how much you spent because went a little overboard.

Questions to ask: Do I already have several items that are part of this trend? Do I like this item because it’s trendy or because it’s my style? Is this item bound by the trend or could I transform it later?

Splurge: Anchor Pieces

Source: My Domaine

Ladies, we work really hard to design beautiful spaces. This is where we wake up, and where we live a lot of life. Anchor pieces are worth the spend. If you have a specific design in mind with a few key pieces that would really set the tone for your design, don’t be afraid of those. These pieces help us stay grounded and keep our design consistent. Maybe you’ve been dying to get some of Wisteria’s bar stools to set a natural earthy tone, or a Barcelona chair for modern vibes—do it! Build your design around these key wish list items to create a space you truly love.

Questions to ask: Am I comfortable with this piece setting the tone for the rest of the room? Has this been a long-time wishlist item?

Save: All the Rest

Source: Emilia Jane Photography for The Everygirl

This differs slightly from person to person, but anything non-specific you can save on, whether it is necessary or it adds to the space. TV cabinets, extra seating, non-central tables, and storage pieces are all items you can save on.

Questions to ask: Based on the other decor decisions I’ve made, is this item high or low priority?

How do you decide whether to save or splurge? Let us know in the comments!