SS Print Shop’s Stephanie Sterjovski at Home

At only 23 years old, Toronto native Stephanie Sterjovski has already made a name for herself with the success of both her blog, SS Life & Style, and her print shop, SS Print Shop. A quick glance at her Instagram illustrates the esteem is not without merit; the 20,000+ Insta followers and hundreds of likes each photo receives says it all. Stephanie’s perfectly styled snapshots capture the 75 graphic, glam prints she designed to sell in her online store, and the people love it. Along with managing the shop, shipping prints, and creating new designs, Stephanie produces original content for her blog and collaborates with other bloggers and brands in the process. When the busy entrepreneur’s day is over, she retires to her beautiful bedroom, which she says feels like “the cheeky, fun personality of my print shop come to life.”

Inspired by her love of Kate Spade branding and the art direction from the latest Great Gatsby film, Stephanie worked with her close friend and stylist Tiffany Pratt to transform her all white room into a truly fabulous space. The two completed their design using budget finds from IKEA and HomeSense along with a healthy dose of pink and gold. We’re so excited that Stephanie shared this exclusive tour with The Everygirl!

Name: Stephanie Sterjovski
Age: 23 
Current Title/Company: SS Print Shop, Owner and Creative Director
Educational Background: Communication Studies 
Blogging Since: 2011 

What does a typical day look like for you?
There is no typical day around here! Which is what I love most about what I do. My tasks include designing prints, managing our wholesale accounts and e-mails, creating blog content, editing photos, planning my editorial calendar, attending meetings, and collaborating with likeminded people and brands. While I am in production of one creative process, I’m already thinking of the next. It is a lot to balance, but above all I try to give myself grace every day. I don’t really have the luxury of clocking out at 5pm every night like a lot of other people do, but I know when to shut it all off, hop in the bath tub, and just relax.
What inspired you to start your blog?
Growing up on print magazines I always envisioned myself as an editor in chief one day. As I began to look online for inspiration, I realized I could be just that of my own website so I took the opportunity to express myself. I wanted to curate and share products, as well as thoughts and designs that really inspired me. I could not have imagined all the amazing opportunities and relationships that have come from making the decision to start a blog, and I am grateful every day for it.

Your online store SS Print Shop currently offers 70 different prints! That’s amazing! How did you come up with the idea for the shop?
My amazing readers were the ones who really came up with the idea for me! I would post inspirational quotes designed in fun ways each week and got e-mails asking if I sold them. The print shop happened very organically, even though I had not even seen one prior to opening mine. Luckily one of my sweetest friends Sarah Tucker (Fairytales are True) was extremely helpful in getting me started on the whole process, as I had no idea how to start an online shop and what was really required. I am so thankful for the support I received from my friends and family when I started. It really made all the difference having them by my side through this whole journey.
Tell us a bit about your decorating process. Did you begin with a complete vision in mind, or did you put it together piece by piece? How long did it take you to complete your room from start to finish?
I really started from scratch in my bedroom. Although I had some existing furniture I didn’t totally love it (which is why I painted some of the pieces white and blush pink). Over the summer I realized I really needed a lady space to myself that wasn’t where I worked–although I love my studio. I wanted a place to unwind, play dress up, and just be alone. One of my dearest friends and designer, Tiffany Pratt, and I literally sat on my bed and she drew up the entire design of what you are seeing today. I feel so lucky that my room was one of her interior design projects. She really takes the time to understand the person she is working with and translates that into their space to make something beautiful that reflects them. She is so, so good to her clients, and I enjoyed every minute of dreaming up a vision, to scouting the beautiful pieces, to watching her style every vignette. It felt like the cheeky, fun personality of my print shop come to life. Tiffany also understood my obsession with all things Kate Spade and The Great Gatsby, both of which were strong influences for the design of my room. I love that when my friends or family walk in to my room they say, “this room is Stephanie,” because that’s what I wanted it to be. It looks like nothing I have ever seen before.  
How would you describe your decorating style? Where do you look for inspiration?
I don’t take myself too seriously, and I think that comes through in my designs, styling etc. It’s all about having fun. Reading magazines religiously I think really trained my eye growing up and inspired a lot of decisions I make creatively today. I don’t think I realized it back then, but I was feeding myself with knowledge, theories, and artistic direction that would one day influence my creative decisions. But when it came to my bedroom, I really let Tiffany take full control of the decorating. She really understands my aesthetic, so it was easy for her and I to work together collaboratively. She is incredibly intuitive with how she decorates which is what I love. Everything is thoughtfully placed, but she doesn’t overthink it. 


Has starting SS Print Shop influenced your decorating style? Do you ever design prints with your bedroom in mind?
When Tiff and I sat down to discuss what I wanted my bedroom to be, my prints were definitely something I had in mind. I wanted to work around my favourite pieces, like the heart of gold, black and white stripes, pops of pink, etc. Now that my room is complete, I’ve been feeling so inspired and have already begun designing new collections for 2014. But you’ll just have to wait and see those!
What key items did you consider “must-haves” in terms of furniture and accessories when decorating your bedroom? What is the most unique piece you found while decorating?
We kept the walls, bedding, and furniture white (with exception to my blush pink dresser) to allow for more color play in the smaller details like pillows, prints, flowers, etc. A must-have would definitely be a fabulous window treatment. We had the amazing valence above my curtains made by the very talented Jacob King, which really tied the whole place together. My favourite, unique piece I get asked about constantly is my striped chair, which I got at HomeSense. It’s definitely the conversation piece in that room.
What are your go-to resources for home decor purchases?
I really love HomeSense in Canada, and we had some really good luck there when scouting pieces for my room. They refresh their stock frequently and offer great price points which makes decorating a little more guilt-free. IKEA is awesome for basics and thrift shops are my favorite for unique gold treasures.

Tell us about your favorite budget-friendly piece that you incorporated into your space.
I think I squealed out loud when we found my gold Ralph Lauren floor lamp for only $99 at HomeSense. I felt like I needed to shout “start the car.”
Do you consider yourself a DIYer? If so, what items in your bedroom are DIY?
I definitely enjoy a little DIY, but I wouldn’t consider myself an avid DIYer. I’d say being friends with Tiffany and working with her on my room brought out my crafty side from my childhood. Most of my design expression takes place online, so any excuse to bust out the glue gun is good with me. I loved the pom pom trim DIY treatment on my IKEA mirror and garment rack because it took something that was IKEA and made it look custom. Adding your own unique touch to basics is simple yet effective.
What are your favorite colors to decorate with?
It definitely isn’t a secret; I have a strong affinity for gold, white, black, and pink.
What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?
Gratitude is our most powerful weapon. It can turn anything in to a blessing.

Ceiling light: Home Depot
Gold eyeball sconce lights (above bed): Urban Outfitters
Bedding: Crane & Canopy
Gold pillows: Caitlin Wilson
Scallop pillow: Lint & Honey
Blanket: Chapter/Indigo
Striped chair: Homesense
Lips and YSL Loafers: The Aestate
Mantra and Peonies: SS Print Shop
Cape print: Garance Dore
Valence above curtains: made by Jacob King
Curtains: IKEA and added the black fabric black trim
Tree: Homesense
Mirrors: Homesense
Gold SS Letters: Chapters/Indigo
Heart decal above bed: Urban Walls
Rug: Homesense
Ralph Lauren floor lamp (by the striped chair): Homesense
Moose above vanity: Homesense (similar on Etsy)
Gold Desk Lamp: thrifted
Jewlery Boxes: thrifted and Homesense
Mirror: Ikea with pom trim added
Garment Rack: Ikea with pom trim added

*Old furniture painted in white and Benjamin Moore Romantic Pink