Styling a Tabletop Made Easy with Cassandra Lavalle and Furbish

As someone who loves to entertain, even the most casual girl’s night usually turns into a bit of a production–and I like it that way! Why not treat your favorite ladies (or couples! or family!) to a festive tabletop when hosting? If it sounds like a chore, don’t worry. By getting brave with print, pattern, and color, it becomes much easier to mix dishes you may already have in your cupboards to create some super fun–and easy –summer styling.

Step 1: Find your inspiration! I started with these linens from Furbish to set the tone for an overall palette and mood. The stripes felt beachy while the placemat and tablecloth have a more exotic flair, so I wanted to mix both of those styles together, using pinks and blues as my base palette.

Step 2: To tie into the beach theme, I found these painted dishes that felt as whimsical as the tabletop I wanted to create, and they make for a perfect first layer because the pattern along the edging lends some new colors to the table!

Step 3: Being conscious of the palette I had chosen to go with, I added salad dishes in blue and cocktail napkins in pink to tie those colors back into the place settings. We also brought those colors in with the choice of blue glassware, and a few pink sweet peas tucked into the coral! Subtle but it all makes for a tabletop that feels cohesive, despite all the mixing.

Step 4: Since each dish we chose for the dinner plate was different, we also mixed in some bowls in different colors to top things off. Having some of the pieces consistent while others feel a bit more random is how you can effectively pull this look off!

If you’re digging through your cupboards at home, just remember that some consistency is key – similar napkins, a color palette, matching glassware, and one set of similar dishes all make this look really work. At the same time don’t be afraid to mike other elements completely random. My favorite part of this tabletop might actually be the centerpiece because it perfectly represents that frivolous feeling of having just thrown this look together! A piece of coral I already had at the house, sitting on top of a cake stand, is topped with a few starfish and sweet peas, and trimming for an eye-catching combination. The best rule with this type of table is to know that perfection is not the purpose – just go for it with what you have!

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