Stylish and Affordable Gift Wrapping Ideas

“Brown paper packages tied up with string…” There is a reason that this is one of Maria’s favorite things. There is something about wrapping up a gift you thoughtfully picked out and giving it to a loved one that is truly magical. We know you probably have lots of people on your list to shop for, which means lots of present wrapping. Fancy papers and gift tags can end up being expensive—wouldn’t you rather spend that money on the gifts themselves? Here are a few thrifty tips for wrapping up your holiday season on a budget.

Craft Paper

Simple brown craft paper is the perfect base for creating a classy looking gift, and the best part is that it’s a steal. Thirty feet of paper for twelve bucks? Yes, please. If you are feeling extra fancy, go with some chalkboard paper.

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Anthropologie

Festive Patterns

Feeling crafty? Use stamps, markers, or even washi tape to create you own wrapping paper design. The recipient will love this personal touch.

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Timeless Toppers

Chances are, you have everything you need to beautify your packages already at home. During the holidays, pine branches, holly leaves, and candy canes are probably abundant in your household. The tree won’t mind if you borrow a few boughs, right?

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Practical Papers

There are plenty of things you can use for wrapping paper that don’t require opening your wallet. Newspapers, comic strips, old maps, book pages, or online printouts all work beautifully and can give your gift an extra personal touch. For example: Wrap your mother’s gift in a printout of her favorite poem.

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Label It

Attaching a label to your gift is important—it keeps you from mixing up packages and gives you a chance to send a personal message. However, there is no need to buy expensive gift tags when you can make your own! Use old photos, utilize printable labels, or break out your calligraphy skills and create some DIY magic.

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