7 Summer Dates You Haven’t Thought of Yet

It’s the time of year where the sun is shining, the rooftop bars are open, and we’re dancing around like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John singing the classic lyrics “summer lovin’ had me a blast”… or is that just me? It is prime time for the romance in your life to spark. To avoid the constant “What do you wanna do?” battle, here are some fresh summer date ideas that you maybe haven’t thought of yet — it’s time to leave those Netflix nights in the cold winter months where they belong.


1. Food Truck Hopping

Sure, a fancy restaurant is a fun way to treat yourself, but if you want to combine a fun and memorable experience with endless cuisine options, hit up your local food trucks. Many metropolitan locations have multiple trucks in one place, or even festivals planned where they all meet up and you can sample from each and every truck. When you can’t decide if you want tacos or BBQ for dinner, this is the perfect way to have them both. It’s a great option to walk around and not feel restricted to one place. Plus, there’s no bickering over where to go for dinner. (Talk about a date-night downer.)


2. Neighborhood Festivals

This is the time of year that festivals are popping up in just about every city. Hop onto Facebook to see which festivals are happening in your area that night — or which ones are coming up that may require a bit of advanced planning. Many of them are free to enter and the fun times can be endless. Food festivals, carnivals, craft fairs, live music — you can take your pick and make a day or evening out of it. There’s nothing like a community coming together. Take advantage of these opportunities while you can.



3. Outdoor Movie Night

One of my favorite ways to spend a warm summer evening is in the backyard watching a classic comedy on the big screen. The set up can be super easy, and it’s a great way to do a really fun date night on a budget. Bring your blankets, quilts, outdoor furniture, and pillows to the backyard. Set up a projector, hang a white sheet, and snuggle up. A movie under the stars is so romantic, and is the perfect way to savor those warm summer nights.

4. Share a Throwback Summer Day

If you and your partner are missing the magic and fun that summer used to bring as a kid, plan a day free from work and devote it to getting that magic back. Hit up your local pool, set up an at-home slip & slide, make some homemade ice cream on the patio — whatever summer memories you are missing in your “adulting” life, bring them back. Escape the day-to-day office grind, have fun reminiscing on summer’s past and spend a day just having fun.


5. Farmer’s Market Stroll

It’s the season of fresh fruits, veggies, freshly-cut flowers, and herbs! There’s nothing better than supporting your local farmers. Stroll through your neighborhood’s Farmer’s Market, get some healthy snacks to share, and find an area nearby for a picnic. It’s all about the experience, and is another great chance to give back to the community!



6. Get Moving

Summer weather isn’t going to last forever. (Unless you live in California, in which case, I envy you.) Make the most out of the warmer weather and get moving outside — rent some city bikes, go for a jog, attend a free sunrise yoga session. Many cities offer these events year-round. You and your significant other can bond over the great weather and know you are doing your body good! Fuel up with a protein smoothie or delicious brunch post-workout. Talk about a win-win.


7. Take a Day Trip

When you can’t quite get away for a full vacation, taking a quick one or two-day trip can be a great option! Take a quick drive to a lake house or hiking trail outside of the city. Step outside of the city limits and rent an Airbnb by the beach or in a great shopping area. Sometimes just getting away from your day-to-day life is the best way for you to reset both individually and as a couple. Not to mention, the best bonding experiences can come from a road trip.


Let the summer lovin’ flow! Do you have any summer date go-to’s or dates you’re excited to try this year?