Our Team’s Favorite Instagram Accounts

Here at The Everygirl, we believe in the importance of remaining inspired — and would be lying if we said that Instagram wasn’t one of our sources for this. From accounts with vibrant photos to accounts with beautiful writing, we all have our favorites that take up time from our sleep schedule and room in our hearts.

To get to know us better (and the pages we shamelessly continue to revisit), we’ve listed our team’s favorite accounts and the reasons why. Happy (Instagram) stalking!


Ann Street Studio

I had the chance to work with photographer Jamie Beck early in our careers, and it’s so incredible to see how her career has evolved and to follow along on her adventures around the world and in the fashion industry — working with top designers around the world. She’s currently living an artist’s life in Provence, France, and it’s incredibly inspiring to follow along… her stories and photos are an instant escape.


Jessica Biggs

Photographer Jessica Biggs’ account instantly transports followers to beautiful London, which is my other favorite city — so it’s nice having a mini dose of all the pretty that city has to offer.


Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Kathleen is funny and has great style (and inspirational abs).


Ali Leigh Schilling

I love her style, home, pups, and color palette.


Monica Wang

Monica is one of my close friends, but even if I didn’t know her I would be completely obsessed with her feed. She’s a Los Angeles based interiors photographer, so she’s always sharing inspiring spaces around the city. BONUS: she’s always eating the most delicious food on her stories.


Marianna Hewitt

I have so many accounts I love, but I had to pick Marianna because my camera roll is FULL of screen shots of her Instagram posts. Typing that out makes it sound really creepy, but you know what I mean. I’m always showing my hairdresser or eyebrow guru her photos and saying, “THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WANT.” Apart from her perfect hair, Marianna is always traveling to gorgeous places like the south of France or Milan, and I love a good aspirational feed.



Kimberly Lapides

I love to follow for her California casual fashion inspo and for her bravery and honesty in sharing her infertility journey. It takes someone very brave to share their life with the Internet in general, and an extra special person to share such a personal journey to raise awareness for others who are struggling.


Erin Kestenbaum

I recently started following Erin Kestenbaum and am obsessed with the home renovations she is doing to her house in Connecticut. I am currently in the process of remodeling my own fixer-up home, so I love to see how she mixes her high, low, and vintage style for an eclectic but fun New England mix.


Dame Traveler

Anyone who knows me also knows that I would sell every possession I have and travel the world if I could (Who’s to say I won’t one day?!). I love that this account empowers women to travel and shows beauty from every corner of the world. Plus, thanks to Instagram stories, they’ll even show you how to get to some of the incredible places they feature in their feed. They’ve single-handedly grown my bucket list to a wildly unreasonable length.



I live with a constant stream of quotes in my head. It’s everyone’s favorite reason to make fun of me. Pavana’s writing gets me IN MY SOUL. I’ll happily reread my favorite pieces from her ten times over on a daily basis.


Nina Cosford

I always smile when Nina’s posts pop up in my nightly scrolling. Her illustrations are the best kind of quirky, and I have a low key obsession with being her best friend. Call me, Nina.


Molly Madfis

Molly’s minimal downloads and DIYs give me life. Her feed is GORGEOUS and attainably inspiring. Bonus: she just had a real cute baby, and I can’t stop squeeing over her stories.


The Bucket List Family

This family of travel journalists (two adults, two pint-sized!) travels all around the world and shares their experiences through the eyes of their small children. The family is so adorable, their love for each other is incredibly evident, and it gives me major wanderlust!


Paige More

Paige is just a normal twentysomething in NYC who also happens to be a total badass. After learning that she had a high likelihood for getting breast cancer, Paige had a preventative double mastectomy in order to “beat cancer before it could beat her.” Now she shares her day-to-day journey post-op and encourages women to get tested themselves (Bonus: she’s hella funny and very relatable!).


Lauren Evarts

Lauren is my favorite blogger who has the BEST Instagram live tutorials… everything from her fridge tours to how she cooks her pasta for half the calories.


La Femme Collective

This is the Instagram of an online platform for modern women in the workplace. The content is empowering and has a feed that remains inspiring and original.


Julie Sariñana

Julie inspires my outfits every single day. Her laidback California style is not at all cliche. Her outfits are stylish and always on point while still being mostly affordable and doable. I love her daily posts that include creative photography and gorgeous scenery. AND I saw her at Coachella and totally fangirled, and she was still so nice!


Leaf TV

This account has changed my life with their recipes, tutorials, quotes, and videos. Their short, aesthetic, and comprehendible videos on things like “How to Make your Own Almond Milk” or “Probiotics for Your Face” are perfect for people like me who want to know these things but have a short attention span.


Chloë Frayne

As someone who loves to write, my entire feed is filled with writing accounts — and my absolute favorite one is Chloe’s. There’s something about the way she puts her words together that moves me and makes me feel so alive. It doesn’t matter how many times I read her content or what time of day it is when I do, you can find me tearing up because of it and loving every second.


Tien N

All I want is for Tien to love my account as much as I love hers (and to know her secret to curling her hair like that, but that’s off topic). This page is filled with everything that makes me happy — coffee shops, white walls, marble table tops, and a splash of greenery. Her clean aesthetic is a dream come true for anyone who appreciates minimalism (me), and it never fails to inspire me when I find myself scrolling through it.


What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Leave them in the comments below!