The 3 Most Flattering Ways to Wear White Jeans

As a size 12ish blogger, I get comments from readers all the time on styles they love but don’t think they can pull off. I’m always surprised when white jeans are on the top of the list. In my mind, they are an absolute staple for creating chic looks, no matter your size or shape!

But I totally understand that lots of women are hesitant about wearing denim white for fear of drawing extra attention to their bottom half. The trick for anyone out there who is feeling unsure is to wear them in a way that shows off your sense of style, not your bod. And trust me, it’s very doable!


White Skinny Jeans


First, if the thought of a white jean truly freaks you out, start with a basic white skinny. The trick to finding a flattering and comfy pair is to look for loads of stretch, which is harder to find than you might think! These Good Americans (available 00 – 24) are supportive and clean looking while providing the perfect backdrop to make my blue top and red sandals pop. A bright, crisp color palette will have people checking out your entire outfit, not just your shape.


All White Look


Next, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try an all white look. We all know monochromatic outfits are flattering, and the same applies to head-to-toe white even though it sounds counter-intuitive. In fact this is a formula I rely on whenever I’m feeling blah and need a pick me up! Adding a jacket like this Kimono inspired version by Eloquii provides a little coverage if you’re feeling self-conscious and makes this look perfect for evening. NYDJ is one of my forever go-to’s for denim and I love this streamlined pair (available 00 – 28W).

Cropped Flare


Finally, the idea of a cropped flare may have you running for the hills, but trust me! With some smart styling even the white denim novice can feel confident in this season’s trendiest cut. This pair by Long Tall Sally (available 6 – 18) delivers extra style points with a high-waisted button fly. Because the shape adds volume, the key is to keep the rest of the look streamlined. I also like to bring in something classic whenever I’m wearing a trend, making this simple striped t-shirt the perfect choice. A duster-length trench, another classic pick, stretches out your body, creating long lines for days.

So when it comes to white jeans, should you worry about spilling coffee or sitting in an unfortunate ketchup stain? Definitely!

But as for worrying about whether you can pull them off? No way!