The 3 Piece Outfit Formula We’ll Be Wearing All Spring

I’ve been seeing trench coats everywhere I look these days, and with good reason! Not only are they a nice, light layer for brisk days, but they also go with pretty much everything in your closet. Plus, they make you look effortlessly sophisticated, and who wouldn’t want that?

Now, I’m all about keeping things simple. If I can come up with an easy outfit formula, you can bet I’m going to wear the hell out of it. It’s like cooking — sure, I like trying new stuff now and then, but I’m always running back to my tried-and-true favorites (read: Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese!). That’s where this simplified spring formula comes in.

All you need is a trench coat (duh) + skinny pants + loafers. And you’re done. Done and ready to walk the pup. Done and ready to hop on the train to work. Done and ready to nab all the samples at Whole Foods (I can’t be the only one who does that).

Want to see these looks in action? I’ve gathered up seven unique ways to bring this formula to life.


1. Collared sweater + blue jeans + red loafers


For a preppy take, try wearing a collared shirt under a crewneck — bonus points if the collar has a cool pattern, like this one! Keep it casual with skinny jeans and add a little interest with red shoes. This one’s a great option for weekends.



2. Gingham Top + Navy Skinny Pants + Leopard Loafers


Print-mixing can be a little tricky, especially if you’re on the short side, but the blue gingham button-down with leopard loafers is a match made in heaven. I love how the cigarette pants and trench coat tone everything down. Put this on for work and I guarantee all your coworkers will compliment you (even Heather from Purchasing!).



3.  Striped top + bandana + ripped jeans + red loafers


Is there anything more iconically Parisian than a striped top and a red scarf? No, friends, I think not. Instead of going with plain ol’ blue jeans, this distressed pair takes this whole outfit to a new level. I’m also loving the pops of red with the bandana and red kicks. Whether you’re heading to the airport like Cori Lynn here, or you’re running errands, copy this ensemble.



4.  Black top + ripped jeans + black slides


Ya wanna look effortlessly cool? Then wrap yourself in a trench (with a Burberry knot, natch), shimmy on your most worn-in skinnies, and slip into a pair of mules. It’s so simple, but hot damn it looks good. If you’re on the smaller side, I’d only do one thing differently: push up the sleeves and show off a little wrist. Then sit back and wait for the double-takes.



5. Pastel sweater + white jeans + nude loafers


Nothing says spring quite like pastels (no, not even florals, Miranda Priestly). Swap out your old blue jeans for a pristine white pair, and pair them with a sweater in a pretty pale hue. Nude loafers are the perfect choice—not only are they light enough not to overpower the rest of the outfit, but they also give you legs for days.



6.  Button-down + floral pants + nude loafers


Let’s be honest: you bought a pair of floral pants, and now you have no idea what to do with them (I see you). Take a tip from Gal Meets Glam and wear them with a crisp button-down and pointed-toe loafers. The pants work as a neutral, so you can wear pretty much any color top with them. Layering a trench over it all is so profesh, you just might land that promotion.



7.  Simple sweater + super-high-rise jeans + black loafers


If floral pants and pastels aren’t really your thing, then check out this pared-down look. A light sweater looks tres cool tucked into a pair of high-waisted distressed jeans. All it really needs is the black loafers and trench coat—anything else would take away from the understated chicness. By the way, since this outfit is all about long lines, it’s best to go with a trench that falls all the way to the knee. Anything shorter would just look choppy.


If you’re on the hunt for an easy — but flawless — outfit formula for spring, all you need is a trench coat, a trusty pair of skinny jeans or pants, and loafers. Depending on how you build it out, you can take this to work, weekend, and back again. And again. And again.


What are your go-to spring essentials?

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