The 6 Makeup Brushes You Need

We’ve been taking stock of our beauty products, organizing our makeup drawers, and sharing our must-haves for fall style—and now its time to prep your look with the top six essential makeup brushes you should own. This isn’t just another must-have beauty index; it’s a curated list of the basic and preferred brushes you need to create a polished face. We spoke with Fiona Styles, Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist and owner of professional shopping site Reed Clarke, for the low down on the best brushes to build your at-home brush kit. 

Concealer Brush
Makeup Forever Concealer Brush
The tapered concealer brush is very versatile. You can use the full scope of the brushes to apply concealer under your eyes, or you can just use the tip of the tapered brush to feather on concealer over bumps and spots. It also doubles as a great lip brush. Use synthetic brushes when it comes to concealer and lip brushes; the hairs tend to stay put and not bend the way some natural bristles can.

Face Brush
MAC 188 Small Dual Fiber Face Brush
This brush allows you to seamlessly blend and feather a cream blush. You can also use it for powder products like bronzer and powder blush. It’s great with all types of formulas because of the mix of synthetic and natural hairs.

Blush Brush
Eco Tools Tapered Blush Brush
A dome brush allows you to gently apply blush. If the brush is too big it will leave too much product resulting in blotchy, streaky blush that covers too much of your cheek. Start small and work your way out.

Powder Brush
MAC 138 Tapered Powder Brush
When it comes to a powder brush go for one that is a little tapered so you can easily get under your eyes and along the sides of your nose. When you use a big, fluffy powder brush you just end up with product all over your face. It’s better to have a little more control. This also makes a fantastic contour brush.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush
MAC 217 Blending brush or Sonia Kashuk Eye Blending Brush
These brushes are great for multitasking. They can be used for eyeshadow, to gently apply powder under the eyes or on the eyelid, for buffing concealer, or for spot powdering (like over a pimple or along the sides of the nose). 

Brow and Liner Brush
Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow/Liner Brush #12 
This double-duty brow and eyeliner combo is perfect for filling brows and creating the coveted cat eye look. We love the versatility of this brush because it helps groom and shape brows and removes any mascara clumps with its applicator.

image via So Sasha