The 7 Pieces We’re Wearing Right Now

Oh hey, November. Good to see you!

It’s our favorite time of the year again—the month known for turkey, mustaches, and most recently, these seven amazing items that you need to be wearing right now. Add them to your wardrobe and thank us later!

1. Fisherman Sweaters

Photo via Portable Package

What makes any chilly morning instantly better? The fisherman sweater. An ultra-comfortable, cable-knit piece that will leave you feeling dreamy all day. (Also, being incredibly chic and easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt.)

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2. Knee socks

Photo via Free People

We love a great pair of tights, but let’s be honest—pair them with the wrong outfit, and it’s frump city. Over-the-knee socks are a fun alternative—they give you that added warmth with a side of schoolgirl sass that we can’t get enough of.

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3. Faux fur with a twist

Photo via Nathalie Kemna

It’s on, winter. Bring on the faux fur! This year, we’re loving furry goodness with a pop of color—think dark jewel tones, like emerald, navy, and ruby.

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4. The Cape Coat

Photo via Millennielle 

The cape coat is another fall staple we’re basically drooling over. It’s essentially a ridiculously good looking snuggie. Who wouldn’t love that?

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5. Fancy Sneakers

Photo via Le Blog de Big Beauty 

Gold, silver, and bronze—we want fancy, metallic sneakers in all of the above. Gilded sneaks are a fun and simple way to spice up a casual outfit.

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6. Fall Brights

Photo via In Honor of Design 

It might be the season of earth and jewel tones, but it’s a free country. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your brights! A coat in a lively color will always add a little cheer to your day.

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7. Leather-ish

Photo via Stephanie Sterjovski 

Has anyone else noticed the term “pleather” has now evolved into “vegan leather?” Tricky. Regardless, we’re loving the look of leatherette bottoms (faux leather leggings and wax-coated jeans alike). We’ve got them on constant rotation this month. Think of them as the edgier cousin to our favorite classic black leggings.

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What else are you wearing right now? Tell us in the comments below!