The Answer to Making Dinners Easy

At the Everygirl, we’re all for cooking at home as much as possible because it’s healthier and cheaper than eating out. But we’re just as guilty as anyone about being too busy and tired some weeks to add meal planning and grocery shopping to our long list of to-dos. With the start of a new year, we’re challenging ourselves to try new solutions for busy weeknight meals and to shake up our cooking routine. That’s why we love learning about meal-delivery services like Blue Apron.

With Blue Apron, you sign up to receive three meals a week and a big box of fresh ingredients—packaged in exactly the right proportions—arrives at your door. Simple, step-by-step recipe cards walk you through how to prepare delicious, chef-designed recipes that are ready in 40 minutes or less.

Blue Apron is a great way to learn new recipes and get out of your dinner rut of making the same old dishes or turning to take out. Best of all, it’s convenient and easy, which is what we need! And did we mention delicious?

We tested the Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup and found it perfect for a cold winter night with its authentic, spicy flavors. The same week, we also tried Pulled Chicken Tacos and Beef Bolognese. All three recipes were far more interesting than defaulting to scrambled eggs, yet again. We also love that Blue Apron catalogues all their recipes online—the Kale & Butternut Squash Lasagna and Blood Orange Roasted Salmon definitely make us want to place another order stat.

In terms of cost, the basic plan is reasonable at $9.99 per person per meal. Blue Apron definitely gets our vote for busy weeks when we want to get a healthy meal on the table without much effort.

Interested in trying it out for yourself?

The first 100 Everygirl readers who sign up will get TWO FREE MEALS on their first Blue Apron order! Click HERE to order.


This post is sponsored by Blue Apron but the opinions herein are those of The Everygirl editorial staff.

  • KK

    I love The Everygirl, but it sure seems like there have been a lot of sponsored posts lately! It’s hard to take your suggestions seriously when it seems like every product recommendation is sponsored..

    • Hey, these are the brands that are keeping The Everygirl’s doors open! They do have full-time employees that need to be compensated for their time and a lot of operating costs. They most likely receive hundreds of advertising offers a week, but are selective about their advertisers!

    • Please know editors vet any and every product before accepting sponsorship. We wouldn’t post if we didn’t stand behind a brand or product 100%!

  • mickey

    I’m all for healthy and inexpensive meals, but taking an extra 15-20 mins to grab groceries on the way home from work is not that difficult. Paying even $9.99/meal is insane!! You can get way more food out of buying those ingredients from the market.

    • Allyson

      I live in LA and with traffic/parking/etc. it’s not just an extra 15 minutes. This could also be said for anyone who doesn’t have a car and uses public transit. The whole idea is that this is a fun way to try new recipes and it’s convenient. Convenient being the optimum word. $9.99 for a convenient meal is DEFINITELY a bargain. I don’t know where you live, but a complete Subway meal is almost that much. And it doesn’t come to my door and it doesn’t look nearly as delicious or healthy.

  • All of the recipes on their website sound delicious! I love cooking at home, but I find myself making the same things all the time (that’s cooking on the college budget!) This gives me some new inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    Sunday Brunch

  • This is a great article – the key to eating clean is definitely making it as easy and accessible as possible. Simple recipes that taste great are wonderful for staying on track!


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  • Em

    I love Blue Apron and have been a member for over a year. It’s rare when I make a dish that I don’t love. The only think I don’t like is their limited dietary options. Their plans have become more flexible as they’ve grown, so I hope that as they get more and more members they’ll be able to offer gluten-free and dairy-free options as well.

  • Emma

    Wow, this is the third Blue Apron sponsored post I’ve seen this weeks on the blogs I read regularly! It was interesting the first time around, but this is just repetitive content.

  • Joy

    So sick of reading about Blue Apron on blogs.