The Best Gifts to Give Yourself This Season

Sure, it’s the Season of Giving, but that also means giving to yourself. In the midst of buying presents for your coworkers, your significant other, your nephew, and everyone else on your list this year, don’t forget to buy something special for that special someone — you!

Whether it’s a splurge item you’ve been really wanting or a beauty treatment for some well-earned TLC, you deserve it. We know all you want for Christmas is one of these little gifts that will make your life a lot prettier, easier, or better. You can thank yourself later.


Summer Fridays

Face Mask

Technically, this isn't even a gift for you, it's a gift for your face. And your face will thank you.


Google Home Mini

It can recite motivational quotes, play a meditation from the Headspace app, or play your pump-up playlist when you need it. Do yourself a favor and get a Google Home.

Zella Body

Rhythm Sports Bra

Because nothing is more motivating than a brand new workout outfit you feel good in — this isn't just a gift for yourself, it's an investment in your fitness goals (in a pretty blush color!).


Hair Oil

Treat yourself to the hair of your dreams with this luxe hair oil.


Short Pile Coat

The coziest coat ever, which you'll be thanking yourself for through the rest of the winter.

Bauble Bar

Drop Earrings

A pair of show-stopping earrings to wear to all your holiday parties.

Paper Source

Productivity Planner

The chic AF planner your #girlboss self needs to organize your life, set career goals, and look darn good doing it.


Copper Milk Frother

That's right — you deserve a milk frother. Turn your mornings into lavish affairs by adding frothed milk to your coffee instead of a creamer from the fridge. Start your day off right!


Lip Sleeping Mask

What's more luxurious and treat-worthy than a lip mask that will beat those chapped winter lips?

J. Crew

Vintage Pajama Set

Replace your old college t-shirt and sweatpants with a pair of chic and cozy pajamas that will put you in the mood to snooze.


Jade Roller

You know you've been meaning to try one out — now's the time! Not only does it massage the tension out of your face and help to contour and sculpt your facial structure, but the jade is said to give off loving powers. We could always use a bit of that.

Wendy Rowe

"Eat Beautiful: Food and Recipes to Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out"

A cookbook that not only will look beautiful on your shelf, but is also your definitive guide for all things clean eating and nourishing your body.


Silk Lashes Eye Mask

An eye mask may seem like a luxury, but this one is actually a beauty necessity. The silk material is good for your skin, hair, and eyelashes, meaning no more breakage or dry skin. Plus, it'll look really cute on your night stand!

Plant Apothecary

Be Well Bodywash Set

Because who says you should have to stick to just one body wash!? These specialized soaps have essential oils for any occasion — like helping you wake up when you shower in the morning, calming you down when you shower at night, and getting it on when you're not showering alone. Thank you, body wash!

Capri Blue

Scented Jar Candle

Find yourself a signature scent for the season and light it every day. Your home will smell amazing and feel even cozier. You'll never want to leave!


Rouge Allure Matte Lipstick

Get yourself a really nice lipstick in your signature color, because every girl deserves a fancy lipstick.

Kristen Ess

Beach Wave Curling Iron

Want to have a good hair day in a pinch? Create a few toussled waves with celebrity hair stylist Kristen Ess' curling iron, and voila! — you've achieved dream hair.


Glam Cocktail Shaker

It's time to have some adult kitchenware because, well, you're an adult, and you deserve to treat yourself as such (and treat your cocktails, as well). Glam up your bar cart for an updated home you'll be excited to entertain in.