The Bookstore Bar: Seattle

  • Photography by: Katie Kett
  • Copy by: Darlene Campos

We can’t quite think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than with brunch, great company, and a new city to explore—add the Bookstore Bar and Café to that mix and you get the makings of a perfect day. Perhaps it’s the increased scarcity of bookstores that makes this place all the more enchanting, but it quickly became one of our favorite Seattle destinations.

Aside from my personal penchant for exquisite and inspiring spaces, the Bookstore Bar and Café is also home to Seattle’s award winning chef Caprial Pence, who was recently dubbed Best Chef Northwest—and this is one title that is very well deserved. From house made salmon lox to fresh candied ginger cake doughnuts, it takes a lot of self-control to not order everything on the menu.

Serving Brunch and Dinner, The Bookstore is open seven days a week and has a menu filled with generous options of North West seafood. And if you prefer a late night scotch or whiskey, they have you covered there too with over one hundred and thirty carefully selected varieties.  The Bookstore Bar and Café is located in the Alexis Hotel, just a short walk from Seattle’s iconic Pike’s Place Market, and it is definitely worth the visit.

  • Briana Clara

    As an aspiring restaurateur this place is incredibly inspiring. If only it wasn’t on the other side of the country =(

  • Beautiful Serendipity

    You had me at the name-it peaked my interest. I love the masculine vibe of this place. Seems like a warm inviting place where one could really relax.

    I have to say that I love The Every Girl because it is very relatable-there is no pretentiousness about it.

    Wishing I wasn’t in Boston so I could visit the Bookstore Bar and escape the snow!!

    Deb xo

  • I love seeing Seattle spots featured here! And I had no idea that this adorable place existed. Definitely adding it to the list.

    Although I totally cringed when your wrote “Pike’s Place.” It’s just Pike Place, no S. It’s the name of the street.

  • Great bartenders!! One of my favorite bars in Seattle!

  • I literally just went here this weekend. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this place while wandering around Seattle. The have literally the best pasta I have ever eaten. Order the Pesto Fettuccine the next time you go. The pesto is divine, the pork cheeks are heavenly and the pasta is beautifully garnished with roasted kale. You will NOT be disappointed!