The DIY Files: Personalized Polka Dot Coasters

Can you feel it? The holiday season is one quick stride around the corner, and the allure to pop some bubbly in celebration is just too tempting to ignore. Whether your plans include gatherings packed to the brim with family and friends, or you plan to go the intimate route with a handful of your absolute besties, there’s no time like the holidays to mingle amongst those you love and clink a glass of champagne a time or two.

We used Sugar Paper’s cheers coasters as inspiration for this DIY. Making them yourself allows you to personalize them with your name, a monogram, or whatever word you want to use. The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve offered up your own exceptional hostessing skills this year, try this super inexpensive, undeniably simple project to give your guests a special place to rest their fluted glassware. The hint of metallic and traditional holiday exclamation are sure to add to the celebration. As an added bonus, have miniature gold gift bags at the ready so you can offer them as favors at the end of the evening. Not hosting? Consider it for a last-minute, budget-friendly gift!

White porcelain tiles
Black and gold metallic paint
Detail paint brush
Plastic paint tray (or you can always use a paper plate)
Spray sealant
Felt pads
A little of your own spunk and flair


  1. Start by wiping your porcelain tiles down – No telling what kind of dust they accumulated at the hardware store!
  2. Next, grab a paint tray and squeeze out a bit of gold paint. Using a thin and tiny detail paint brush, dot the gold paint around the exterior edge of the tile. The dots don’t have to be perfect since it’s supposed to mimic a spray of confetti.
  3. Let the gold paint dry for an hour or two before moving on.
  4. Once the gold is dry, grab your black paint and squeeze a small amount on the paint tray. Then take your detail brush and freehand the word “Cheers!” in the center of the tile. If a point of reference would help, do an image search on Google or Pinterest for the word “cheers” and see if anything strikes your fancy. If all else fails, the paint won’t dry too quickly for you to wipe it off and start over (it took me three tries to get my last tile right!).
  5. Once you’re happy with the design, let the black paint dry for another hour or two.
  6. Place your tiles on a piece of cardboard outside and spray two thin and even coats of clear, water-resistant sealant over the tops of the tiles.
  7. Allow the sealant to dry overnight in a well-ventilated spot, then cut up felt pads to stick to the bottom of the tiles for tabletop stability.
  8. After that, your DIY coasters are party–and guest-ready!