The Every Girl Book Club: Wife 22 // week four

  • Copy by: Clarissa Fidler

It’s the fourth and final week of the Random House Reader’s Circle for The Everygirl. We’ve enjoyed hearing your feelings, reactions and thoughts to Melanie Gideon’s Wife 22. Now that we’ve all finished the book, any topic is up for discussion. No need to worry about spoilers!

We’ve posted some questions below, but feel free to throw your own thoughts, questions, and opinions out there. And remember that our commenting programming allows you to reply directly to one another’s comments and get e-mail alerts when new comments are posted, allowing everyone to engage in conversation. That way, time zone and location is not a concern, and the conversation can continue all week!

Discussion Questions:

Alice and William finally check out Zoe’s Twitter account, Ho-Girl, and create a fake handle to confront her. What did you think about how this situation played out? How did this experience affect Alice, William, and Zoe’s relationships with each other?

Why do you think William tells Alice to let Zoe “come to her” after the Twitter incident? Do you think that was good advice?

Social media plays a significant role throughout the entire story. How did this affect your ability to relate to Alice’s relationships with Researcher 101, William, her children, and her friends? What parallels did you find between Alice’s use of social media and your own use? 

What were your reactions when Alice found out she had been fired from her job? Was it a blessing in disguise?

We were surprised when William’s old flame, Helen, resurfaced in the story after posting about a job opening on Facebook. How did you feel when Alice decided to email Helen? Do you think Alice should have told William about her correspondence with her?

Now for the question we’ve all been waiting to discuss! How did you feel when Alice found out William was Researcher 101? Were you completely surprised or did you see it coming? If you were Alice would you have reacted in the same way?

Alice receives an envelope from her father containing her lost engagement ring. How did you feel when Alice got her ring back? What was symbolic about the timing of receiving the ring and finding out William was Researcher 101?

Let’s talk about the final scene at Nedra and Kate’s celebratory dinner. Alice confronts William about being Researcher 101, and he explains why he did it. What were your thoughts about William’s reasoning for inventing Researcher 101? How did you feel when William proposed to Alice with her lost engagement ring?

We want to know your overall feelings about the book. What was your favorite part? Were you happy with how the story ended? 

Join Us for the Book Club Webcast Meeting:
We are hosting a formal book club webcast meeting tomorrow night at 9:30 PM est! The live chat conference will include a video feed with the author, Melanie Gideon, Everygirl editors Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski, the Everygirl team, and a Random House representative, as well as live video questions from readers! We will post a link and further information tomorrow. Join us for an opportunity to video chat with Melanie Gideon! We hope to see you there.