The Everygirl 30 Day Challenge: Getting Into a Fitness Routine

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

Hemingway and friends eased us into fall with their timeless texts and stories of Paris or socially forbidden romance. With their words stretching across the decades we were transported in time and place just by the turn of a page. Did you enjoy your classic novel?  Were you part of a book club? Will you be reading anymore now that you’ve begun? Let us know what you read and your favorite quote from your book in the comments below!

Up next: Working out–Either you’re a natural gym junkie or the thought of hitting the pavement for a few laps around the lake sound like a low form of torture to you. It takes a solid effort to find yourself on the workout wagon–but we don’t believe working out has to be an all or nothing game. This month’s #TEG30DayChallenge is here to support you in exactly that element of your life, this month we’re challenging you to 30 Days of Fitness.

Lucy Activewear believes in embracing the challenge of working out and being stylish while talking your health to the next level, too. That’s why this month they’ve partnered with us to help outfit you during this adventure because it never hurts to look good on your journey to feeling good! They’ll be giving away two $250 Giftcards to our readers who tag a friend and let us know how they’ll be taking on this challenge. Follow them on Instagram at @lucyactivewear to find out if you’ve won and for amazing fitspo and even recipes!

Taking care of your body involves a certain level of physical activity and while that varies from person to person, and requires full consideration for your lifestyle as a factor, the important thing is that you decide to take the first step in working out.

For those of you who are already fit and love exercise, the next 30 days can be a great opportunity for you to move outside of your comfort zone. With the variety of classes and outdoor obstacle courses popping up around town, there are plenty of ways to avoid plateauing or being bored with your routine! Pilates barre fusion, anyone?

It’s also a great time to encourage your friends who are a little unsure about what fitness activity is best for them. Trying something new can be intimidating for anyone and whether it’s a spin class or understanding good habits when training for a half marathon, your experience and support can be just the kind of encouragement someone could need to finding their new favorite hobby.

If you’re not a seasoned yogi or the thought of a marathon makes you faint, take a deep breath (see you’re already doing some yoga practice!), and relax. We don’t expect anyone to walk into the iron jungle that is known as a weight room and instantly feel comfortable. Like anything, learning the ins and outs of a gym, or a routine in a fitness class takes time. Be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Those of us on the Everygirl staff who aren’t as active, are going to commit to working out 3 days a week with plenty of rest and hydration in between. We’re also going to tap into the skills and knowledge of our more experienced teammates to lower the intimidation factor, because it can be much more fun to Zumba shimmy with a friend!

Swimsuit season may be over but taking care of your physical health never goes out of style and we can’t wait to see what workout will you be taking on this month?

  • Margaret Heine

    I’m spending this month training for the Race for the Cure – perfect timing for this #teg30daychallenge!

    • Love this Margaret!

      I’m running my first half marathon this fall– how is your training going? Any good tips!?

  • I’m SO excited for this! Fitness is a huge part of my life, but I’ve been dragging a little lately and could use a boost of motivation 🙂 I’m heading on a cruise next week and hope to incorporate some activity while I’m gone, too!

    26 and Not Counting

  • Maggie

    Starting P90X with my roommate this month!

  • Chiara

    Work has gotten really stressful lately, so I’ll be doing some yoga with my best friend, @Lindsay, to help clear my mind and feel more settled.

  • Chantel Felicien

    I bought a fitbit to track my daily progress and I love it. I also started P90X, its difficult but doing it at my own speed so as. I also started to see a Nutrionist bi-weekly to help track my progress.

  • SL

    I’ll be getting back into the routine of practicing yoga in the morning. I would feel so awaken afterwards. I also just got Piyo recently. After trying hard, cardio heavy workouts to loose some weight like Insanity and other similar programs. I think the intensity to the programs made it hard for me to be consistent. Something slow paced, like Piyo, will help me be more consistent and see some results.

  • Christina Dizon

    I need to do daily yoga – I feel so much better when that’s the case! @Ashley Dickson lets do it!!

  • Jessica Paugh

    Taking my first fitBallet class on Monday!

  • LL

    I’m ALL for trying new things regarding exercise. I just started the Insanity program after trying out a new gym for a while. I’d also been trying out those fitness devices and keeping track of my calories but I hated that – it’s just not for me! It was TMI and I felt more worried about the numbers than how my body was feeling. I’ve never been one of those that looks forward to working out but I love the feeling afterwards. I look forward to seeing people’s comments during this challenge!

    I wasn’t able to join the classic literature one as I’ve been finishing up another novel, but I’d love to hear any recommendations people have for my next book.

    XX Laura

  • Coline

    I’m training for two races this month (one to support the research for breast cancer) so this is an easy one! But would love to do more yoga (ideally waking up 10 minutes earlier to do so).

  • Rebecca Ann

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to see today. I’ve been such a bum lately, and I need to get my butt back on track (getting on a healthy eating/fitness regimen is one of my 30 Things Before 30 list!), so I am in. Thank you!

  • I’m taking this challenge on and just starting out by walking on the treadmill. I have a love-hate with exercise. Hate getting up early and doing it, but love how I feel afterwards. Thanks for the challenge!

    • I can definitely relate Whitney!

      I just finished reading one of Tony Robbin’s books and he was saying something really interesting about pleasure and pain. It’s not actual pleasure and actual pain that drive us, but the belief that something will cause pleasure or pain. And that is totally the case with exercise! As you mentioned, we believe that it will cause pain (so we put it off) but it doesn’t actually (well, it does a little bit but in the way that makes us feel amazing after)

      Anyway sorry for the rant, your comment just reminded me of that!

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Juliana P

    My friend, @Ariana, and I are going to work out 5 days a week and put a dollar in a jar for every workout 🙂 Hopefully to save up for cute workout gear! haha

  • Milotheantex

    This looks fun! I hope I can still enter? I’m a Pilates instructor so I’d love to share some incredible abs with everyone 🙂 Do we have to post daily lol?!

  • Austin

    @Katherine this is perfect for you since you’re doing a personal 30 day yoga challenge! I’ll join you but with PureBarre instead of yoga ;-).