The Everygirl 30 Day Challenge: Learning New Skills

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

The year ended with a great jumpstart on kicking some of our bad habits. Before the clock ticks down, we can relax and confidently enter the New Year knowing that 2015 was a success in so many ways. Salut!

Up next: “A new year, a new you”– that’s the traditional sentiment, isn’t it? How about we try something different this time around: in lieu of attempting lofty goals, let’s start the year off by stepping our skills up to the next level. We’ve partnered with Skillshare, a company that embraces the curious part of your mind and fulfills your forever-student-at-heart spirit with thousands of online classes spanning from business acumen to fine-tuning your creative pursuits. No, we’re not giving you homework. We just believe in continuously challenging yourself to grow. With the vast array of subjects Skillshare offers, it is no surprise that over a million people around the world are diving in to learn a new talent without heavy classroom fees or restrictive schedules.

This month we’re giving away three premium three-month subscriptions to get you started! Tell us in the comments below what skills you’ve been meaning to learn and we’ll choose three winners to make the first stride toward their new favorite Sunday afternoon activity. Ready to get started today? Embark on your journey now with three months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 by clicking here.


Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorites:

Own your own business or laying the foundation? Check out How to Present: Share Ideas That Inspire Action by the gregarious Simon Sinek. His energy is contagious and his advice is priceless. He’s sure to motivate you, perfect your elevator pitch, and help you effectively present your ideas to the world.

Stumped by SEO and how to bring your personal website to the next level? There are plenty of lessons to help you grow your traffic and increase in search rankings. We love this class on Content Planning.

Tired of paying market price for your favorite restaurant dinners? Skip the waitlist and start fine-tuning your culinary skills for a lifetime return on amazing meals from your own kitchen. Understanding your favorite cuts of meat or becoming a true aficionado of wine are two classes that make being in the kitchen more than a microwave moment.

Are you inspired by the handwritten quotes you see in print? The mystery behind the beautiful text dissolves under the talented instruction of Mary Kate McDevitt in her intro course to hand-lettering.

What about digging into the world of Adobe and finally learning the power of Photoshop? Editing photos is only the beginning in this entertaining class from the folks at Ghostly Ferns.

Learning should be fun and with this revolutionary approach to community learning, Skillshare is at the forefront of enabling us to conquer the hobbies we were formerly too overwhelmed to attempt, or the skills we didn’t have access to outside of a classroom setting. Do it for fun, do it for your business, or do it because you love a good challenge.

Tag us throughout the month as you explore your new interest with #TEG30DayChallenge. New year, new skills, new challenges, let’s do this.

Let us know below: What skill have you been too intimidated to try? What’s on your life-learn list that you’re ready to take on?