The Everygirl 30 Day Challenge: Learning New Skills

  • Copy by: Jessica Coffin

The year ended with a great jumpstart on kicking some of our bad habits. Before the clock ticks down, we can relax and confidently enter the New Year knowing that 2015 was a success in so many ways. Salut!

Up next: “A new year, a new you”– that’s the traditional sentiment, isn’t it? How about we try something different this time around: in lieu of attempting lofty goals, let’s start the year off by stepping our skills up to the next level. We’ve partnered with Skillshare, a company that embraces the curious part of your mind and fulfills your forever-student-at-heart spirit with thousands of online classes spanning from business acumen to fine-tuning your creative pursuits. No, we’re not giving you homework. We just believe in continuously challenging yourself to grow. With the vast array of subjects Skillshare offers, it is no surprise that over a million people around the world are diving in to learn a new talent without heavy classroom fees or restrictive schedules.

This month we’re giving away three premium three-month subscriptions to get you started! Tell us in the comments below what skills you’ve been meaning to learn and we’ll choose three winners to make the first stride toward their new favorite Sunday afternoon activity. Ready to get started today? Embark on your journey now with three months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 by clicking here.


Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorites:

Own your own business or laying the foundation? Check out How to Present: Share Ideas That Inspire Action by the gregarious Simon Sinek. His energy is contagious and his advice is priceless. He’s sure to motivate you, perfect your elevator pitch, and help you effectively present your ideas to the world.

Stumped by SEO and how to bring your personal website to the next level? There are plenty of lessons to help you grow your traffic and increase in search rankings. We love this class on Content Planning.

Tired of paying market price for your favorite restaurant dinners? Skip the waitlist and start fine-tuning your culinary skills for a lifetime return on amazing meals from your own kitchen. Understanding your favorite cuts of meat or becoming a true aficionado of wine are two classes that make being in the kitchen more than a microwave moment.

Are you inspired by the handwritten quotes you see in print? The mystery behind the beautiful text dissolves under the talented instruction of Mary Kate McDevitt in her intro course to hand-lettering.

What about digging into the world of Adobe and finally learning the power of Photoshop? Editing photos is only the beginning in this entertaining class from the folks at Ghostly Ferns.

Learning should be fun and with this revolutionary approach to community learning, Skillshare is at the forefront of enabling us to conquer the hobbies we were formerly too overwhelmed to attempt, or the skills we didn’t have access to outside of a classroom setting. Do it for fun, do it for your business, or do it because you love a good challenge.

Tag us throughout the month as you explore your new interest with #TEG30DayChallenge. New year, new skills, new challenges, let’s do this.

Let us know below: What skill have you been too intimidated to try? What’s on your life-learn list that you’re ready to take on?

  • Elisabeth

    So cool! I want to knit a scarf and learn to hoola hoop. And working on caligraphy would be great too!

  • Mai

    I have been wanting to learn how to hand letter!

  • I need to learn how to use Photoshop. If I want to advance in my job or even start my own, I need to get on this! I will not let my lack of Photoshop skills keep me back.

    • Jessika Garcia

      Hi Danielle, I think learning how to use the basics of Photoshop or any Adobe program is a great skill to have. If you’re looking for quick help, Break Designs Co. ( has some Photoshop videos up on YouTube. If you’re interested in learning about Lightroom, Photos in Color ( is my favorite! Good luck on your Photoshop journey!

  • Michele Morgan

    I’ve recently been intrigued by the idea of hand lettering. It would be nice to make the few things I still hand write a little fancier!

  • Ashley Brooks

    I would like to learn Graphic Design basics so I can help others create branding materials and start my dream of making t-shirts! 🙂 I would also like to learn more about wine and how to build a community using hashtags.

    Love this challenge!

  • Kathy Dilsworth Achtenberg

    So many to choose from! I’d love to improve my sewing skills or learn calligraphy, but I think my first choice would be to learn how to paint!

  • Holly Von Lanken

    I’m a photographer but haven’t tried tackling food photography yet! I’d love to learn this new skill!

  • Laura Monroe

    This perfectly fits my new year’s resolution to learn new things, say yes to challenges, and continue to grow in my creativity! First, I want to try my hand at, well, hand lettering. I’m also eager to learn more about building a brand online and on social media, which is what I do at work, but not really for my personal accounts. I’m also a photographer in my free time, and would love to take some Skillshare classes that focus on lighting and photoshop.

  • anna

    My top three are to learn how to write calligraphy, needle point and meditate!

  • Creative LC Fusion

    I’d like to learn more about food photography and styling, and improving my photography for Instagram and my blog.

  • Dominique

    My goal for 2016 includes launching my blog. It has been something I have been building on and off for over year, but allowed my career and wedding to put it on the back-burner. It is my number one goal for 2016 (with running goals at a close second). Now that I have built my website, honed in on my vision for the content, I would like to expand my knowledge base to include SEO, photography, Photoshop, and expand my abilities in Illustrator.

  • La’Nette Ann

    I’m really intrigued by Skillshare! I’d love to take my music to the next level and learn how to produce my own tracks!! the Music Production classes are a great place to start 🙂

  • Janell

    I want to be able to explore my creative interests in hopes of finding where my career may go next.

  • Ellen Pitluck

    Handwriting! I love the idea of still writing cards to friends, even for the little silly holidays. Business development/marketing/entrepreneurship are other skills I need a refresher lesson on in order to eventually start my own business. Lastly, Photoshop! I have over a thousand pictures from a study abroad trip to Italy and want to edit and print them to display in the apartment but I do not have much knowledge in the art of Photoshop.
    Great monthly challenge!

  • Freddy

    I always wanted to learn how to write new programs for computers. It always sounded so cool and intelligent 😉

  • Adele

    I’ve been wanting to figure out SEO, learn how to use photoshop and my drawing tablet, as well as practice photography. One of my resolutions was to launch a business I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and these are all skills I can use for it and in my daily life.

  • Caitlin

    I want to learn calligraphy, introductory HTML coding, and how to create an online personal brand to aid in my creative pursuits outside of 9-5 work.

  • Christine

    I would love to learn how to convert my artwork and calligraphy in to digital media! I’m also planning to learn a new language!

  • Jenna Butz

    i need need to learn hand lettering. would love for my bullet journal to feel like a creative space

  • Trisha

    This is excellent! Nothing feels as freeing as trying something new. This past year has been a whirlwind of newness for me, and the growth I’ve experienced is unbelievable. I’ve been trying my hand at copywriting and would really like to expand on this skill. The storyteller inside of me also wants to be taken a bit more seriously, so I want to develop that art in the new year as well.

  • Josephine

    I want to learn how to code, I’ve tried a little but I’d really enjoy being able to learn more html and css. I can fake calligraphy with pen but I want to learn how to do real calligraphy. I also want to take drawing lessons. It would be so amazing if one day Skillshare had dance classes too since it’s so expensive to attend actual ones at studios.

  • Mariah

    I love the idea of having my own blog, I just want a creative outlet and i would feel a blog would be my answer. I would love a portion of my blog to be dedicated to a photos. Whether be my own or another artist, i want to tell a story without any words. The classes you mentioned above seems to be a great starting point with this crazy dream i have. i will definitely check out this site and check the classes! Thanks!

  • Janet Boldt

    I’ve been slacking on learning code, so that’s my biggest goal for the year! Learning more about wine and cooking would be pretty amazing too.

  • Allison Anderson

    Skillshare looks amazing! I would love to learn some more about photography and practice those skills to to help move me one step closer to starting my own business.

  • Tiffany

    I would love to improve my sewing skills. Last Christmas my boyfriend bought me a beautiful antique sewing desk and my first sewing machine. So far I’ve managed to sew a valance curtain and bought fabric to make him an apron for all the delicious meals he cooks!

  • I want to learn more about photography and using Lightroom!

  • Alexa Joy

    I’m launching my very own brand on the first of the year. I would love to learn more about content planning + Adobe/photoshop for my website…+ maybe a little handwritten skills while I’m at it!
    Cheers to a year full of new endeavors!

  • Colleen

    I’ve always wanted to make my own greeting cards- so learning hand lettering/calligraphy and designing beautiful cards. I also want to learn how to knit, re-learn piano (I played for 11 years as a kid but quit at 15), get better at photography and learn how to use a DSLR to up my instagram game and create amazing photo books for family. I also want to start spinning my own pottery. Most of all I want to refine my home decor style. I need to learn how to blend all my styles (clean, rustic, with a little modern, glam finishes, and industrial) and redesign our Loop apartment! Clearly I have a busy 2016 ahead of me!

  • Room for Tuesday

    Hi! We’re Sarah and Jacqueline – a blog team from Ohio that writes Room for Tuesday. Although we have had an awesome year, we are eager to learn more about SEO and how we can bring our blog to the next level in 2016. 🙂

  • Ahh this is so perfect! I started 2016 a little early with learning a new skill – coding – and will continue to learn that! I also want to know more about SEO for my personal website and ideas!

  • Lindsey Keys

    This is perfect for my 2016 resolution – learning new skills to further my career! I currently work as an AE at an advertising agency and would LOVE to learn how to use Adobe. Navigating Adobe is a must-have skill for my industry and there’s no time like the present to start learning! Content planning would also be a huge benefit. Learning to build a brand and use SEO would be amazing. This is an awesome giveaway!

  • Katie Hansen

    I love these and it’s so important to keep learning! I would love to add a little more flair to my creativity in the kitchen, gain some confidence with a paint brush and learn and perfect calligraphy skills to hand address beautiful letters 🙂

  • Sophia

    I’ve been wanting to learn project management, hand lettering, and storytelling to better communicate my ideas and thoughts!

  • Alexa Wheatley

    I just got married, and I want to take some great pictures of my new life with my husband. He has a great camera, and now I want to learn how to use it! I’d love to take some kind of photography class.

  • Jessika Garcia

    This is such a great giveaway – thanks Everygirl! Next year i’ve taken it upon myself to expand my communications/pr skills by joining a communications group that does pro bono work. I’m hoping that this will not only help me advance in my job, but that it will also guide me to new opportunities. Fingers crossed. Happy New Year everyone! May 2016 bring you good health and lots of fun!

  • Jill Armo

    Love Love Love! Perfect for welcoming 2016-
    I’ve been wanting to learn how to speak fluent (Spain) Spanish as well as fluent CSS, Javascript and JQ coding. I’m currently a graphic designer working with html and adobe creative suite and feel that these skills would allow me to be more applicable to jobs outside of the United States!

    #traveling #graphicdesign #loveyourlife

  • I want to take my business to a whole new level next year, so skills like hand lettering, SEO and anything from Simon Sinek would be exactly what I need!

  • Sydney

    Well, I’m about to become a mum to my first child – I guess learning new skills is exactly what lies ahead (backing out is not even an option)!

  • thepretty maven

    This is fantastic and right up my alley! I have been looking online for skills I need to learn for the past few months. I want to expand my blog by learning website design, photography/Adobe/Lightroom, and coding. The crafts of hand lettering and knitting are great too! Ife

  • Caitlin H.

    I would love to learn more about photography and food styling in the new year. I am currently a culinary arts teacher but may be thinking of a career change. I have always been fasinated by the science of food, recipe development, and catching all that magic on film…however I could use some help with developing my photog skills!

  • I love this challenge…I am interested in the handlettering and anything with SEO! 🙂 I would also like to understand photography a little more too.

  • Anna

    I would love to learn good knife skills to perfect my chopping and cutting and I would love to learn a coding language! Computer coding is becoming more and more importan to have on the resume these days, especially in my industry!

  • Rachel

    I’ve been meaning to learn WordPress theme customization. I’d also love to learn screenwriting!

  • Rose Hebein

    I would love to learn how to use After Effects through Skillshare. I love the kinetic type videos that I keep seeing and want to be able to create my own!

  • I love these suggestions! I would like to learn SEO and hand lettering!

  • My resolution for 2016 is to advance in my career in technology. I already work in community engagement in digital dtrategy. I think it’s really important for women to learn how to code. I’ve already taught myself basic HTML and CSS. Coding classes would be the perfect thing for me to take the tech world my storm.

  • Allison Rhodes

    First off, heck yes on this idea. So many giveaways on IG, however this is refreshingly beautiful. I thank you for that. I’d love to learn how to utilize my creative abilities and market myself in that regard. I love creating iMovies, editing film, capturing raw moments & sharing with others. I contend a class on video editing would be spectacular as well as how to jumpstart a business for creative humans, like myself, that has had to conform to jobs and companies and I’m at the point where I want to be happy & use my talent that was given to me.

    “What a wonderful thought it is that some of our best days of our lives haven’t happened yet”


  • Amanda Carey

    As I progress in my career, I’ve been exploring the right platforms to learn more about digital strategy and visual branding – I think starting with Skillshare classes around marketing analytics would really help!

  • Kerry Byrnes

    I graduated from college three weeks ago, and I’ve resolved to keep learning new skills despite my newfound freedom from traditional classrooms. I studied digital marketing this fall, and I really want to stay on top of SEO–the field is constantly changing, improving, and occasionally frustrating those who don’t stay committed to learning the next steps. I don’t want to come all this way only to get left behind! Also, it’s probably time for me to have an educated conversation about wine.

  • Kate

    Some guidance in getting back into drawing would be lovely…

  • Lily

    Oh I need this! Content planning and photoshop, please!!!

  • barbara

    Hi there! To enhance my marketing career and to follow my dream of designing a dog clothing line, I would love to take some graphic design classes.

  • Maura

    I took some French classes years ago, but I don’t remember much. I want to brush up on my language skills!

  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    In 2016 I really want to get into scrapbooking. We’re growing our family through foster care/adoption and ideally I’d like one of our marriage pre-kids and I want to document all the future memories we’ll make with our new child.

  • Cristin

    Ahhh love it! As a musician with only classical training, I’d love to learn audio mixing and Photoshop for demos and self-promotion as I try out other genres 🙂

  • Monika Delfierro

    Let us know below: What skill have you been too intimidated to try? What’s on your life-learn list that you’re ready to take on?

    Two things I have really wanted to learn and pick up on this next year, is coding (HTML etc) and hand letters/calligraphy!

    Two things I know that will definitely help me personally and professionally! Both things I am very passionate about and always wanted to learn.

  • Desir

    I have been wanting to take dance classes but i was also so insecure about looking crazy

  • Anee

    I want to start learning modern calligraphy and some design softwares like CAD, sketchup and photoshop! Thank you!!

  • Sarah Duffy

    I had no idea a service like this existed! One of my resolutions is to learn how to build a website and code!

  • Lynda

    I immediately thought of hand lettering – would love to learn that!

  • Ophelie Zalcmanis-Lai

    I would love to learn how to code! I’ve done basic coding for websites, but would love to learn more in depth skills.

  • One of my goals for this month is to start learning SEO so this is perfect!

  • Cameron

    It’s hard to pick just a few of everything I want to learn but bubbling to the top right now would have to be learning how to take great pictures in manual mode and new languages (Spanish & German!)

  • I want to learn more about Pinterest marketing and work on growing my Instagram following! In fact, I’ve spent all afternoon today reading about them. 🙂

  • Linda

    Finally making time to improve my photography skills and to learn WordPress. As I get closer to retirement my plan is to be able to create additional income with my passions! Thanks for the information you share.

  • Erin M. Woehlke

    I work as marketing manager for a small nonprofit and would love to learn more about Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. It would make me so much more dangerous !!

  • Betka

    I want to learn how to use the sewing machine so i can start imroving my clothes how I desire and/or even make something competely new 🙂

  • Juliana P

    I would love to learn more about digital photography, cool handwriting art/caligraphy, and coding!

  • Hanny

    I never got the whole experience of being a “graphic design” major in college since I switch after realizing I am not that artistic. But after having taking some blogging courses and going to creative conventions, it has giving me the power back on wanting to continue my dream of being able to do graphic design. As I’ve put my first blog on pause, I want to be able to tell people i created this design for my blog and also this will help me save tons of money (hiring someone).

  • Taylor

    One of my goals this year is to work on my creative skills! I’d love to master calligraphy + hand lettering as well as expand my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator!

  • Mallory

    So many great ones, I think I’d go for a creative writing class!

  • Kristy Ho

    I’ve always wanted to learn web development but have been intimidated by the jargon and high course fees!

  • Tricia Speers

    Learning calligraphy and taking classes in floral arranging are on the top of my list of many, many things I want to learn!

  • Mallory Weaver

    What a great giveaway to kick off 2016 — thanks Everygirl! I have a few creative goals on my bucket list — photography, graphic design and painting — but hand-lettering is definitely at the top of it!

  • Albie Knows

    After having my daughter I became a mompreneur & launched an online interior design business. Even though years ago I taught myself web design and Adobe Photoshop, I’d definitely love to become better versed at these. And I’d love to learn entrepreneurship skills particularly creating an online presence, with this being an online business & all. Lol.

    Lastly, as part of my business, I’d like to eventually send clients personalized notes/packages because even though we’re in a digital age, who doesn’t love a nice handwritten note in the mail; so calligraphy is also on my list.

  • Fiona Akomolede

    I just started a blog this November and would love to learn how to make it more visually appealing. I’m also heading on to grad school this fall (hopefully!), so I would love to learn how to better market myself.

  • Madison

    What a great site! Absolutely love the idea of the “Learning to Look” video – spacing and angles are so essential to photography, but don’t come naturally to all of us. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeanell Marvin

    I would love to learn the skill of handlettering. I’d use the skill to write beautiful quotes from books. I’d sell the prints and use some of the proceeds to buy books for kids in need. Thanks for sharing this online opportunity.

  • kzmccaff

    FYI, this link to the entertaining class doesn’t work. I love Skillshare and have enjoyed their photography classes!

  • Lauren Gleckman

    I’d really love to take a course on acrylic painting to use my creative skills once again!

  • Anna Morris

    I just received a DSLR camera for Christmas and would absolutely love some guidance by taking a photography class on Skillshare! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jessica Overly

    How exciting! I have always wanted to learn calligraphy, how to knit, & how to French braid! (I know so elementary ha!)

  • crustinacamilla

    My new years resolution is to learn Illustrator! This would be so helpful!

  • I want to learn photography, in particular, shooting food I create for my blog! I am saving up for the perfect camera but my iPhone will have to do for now. 😉 Any suggestions on types of cameras?

    • Hanny

      I suggest either getting a canon 70d, the rebel series. For Nikon the 3000’s are good for a startup. Raw format beats any other type of format which is available on a DLSR camera

      • Thanks for the tips! I started browsing at the cameras you suggested. They look like a great starting place for me! I need to save up a little bit before I purchase one but will definitely learn more about those cameras in the meantime.

  • Aly Raymer

    I want to learn more about photography, mixing music for my spin classes that I teach and email marketing / how to collaborate best with other brands!

  • Kristina Tyrer

    I’ve been dying to take photography classes for years but have been too scared to take be leap in fear that I won’t be good at it. I’ve had my fancy camera and still don’t know how to properly use it. In my professional life I’ve been meaning to take some courses in marketing, leadership and anything tech related! Not my strongest points and they need work!

  • Alyssa Loring

    I’m learning CSS! I’m so excited to finally jump in and learn something new.

    Feathers and Stripes blog

  • This is great. Right on time! I’m looking into beefing up my skills in photography and photo editing! One of my big passions!! 🙂

  • Ming

    This couldnt come at a more appropriate time as my girlfriend and I are looking to start a florist business in 2016, focusing on e-commerce! seo marketing, photoshop and hand lettering skills will definitely help to give us a boost in our confidence in managing our own business!

  • Ali Beatty

    So awesome! I would love to learn Adobe Photoshop

  • Melissa McReynolds

    I am going to learn some handlettering or calligraphy, and dabble in learning HTML! So excited that you’re offering this. I’m living far away from friends and family right now, so how delighted will they be when I mail letters from abroad that look like a professional addressed them? 🙂

  • Leila

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar.

  • Kimberly Caro

    This is awesome! It is so hard to pick just one! I would love to take the courses on personal branding, influencer marketing and building your own website.

  • Danielle

    I’d love to learn Photoshop and/or HTML! I think these skills would help me be more competitive in the marketing field.

  • Claire

    Personal Branding and photography for blogging are two of my priorities this year!

  • Sarah

    I’ve always been interested in photography but didn’t know where to start. I’m finding some resources to help me start to improve my picture taking skills 🙂

  • Julie Gegich

    I want to learn how to use my DSLR that’s been sitting on my desk for 6 months now, as well as Lightbox to edit photos. This will help my Graphic Design business grow.

    I also want to learn calligraphy!

  • For the new year, I started a health related blog about my experience with chronic illness and overcoming it through nutrition, so I’m excited to see fermenting food classes on skillshare!! And to help spread the word on the food movement, I’m also interested in SEO classes.

  • jenna perrow

    Would love to learn calligraphy and/or business skills! I am currently starting the hunt for a new job so learning new skills could really put me ahead!

  • Thank you SO MUCH for the promo code, I just enrolled to two hand lettering courses 🙂 Yay for learning!

  • Hazel

    I want to learn how business plan better and what I can do to give myself the last kindle for my dreams! I have a great idea related to veterans therapy that I want to pursue.

  • Sydney

    I’m working on building my independent massage practice after getting licensed in September. The business classes caught my eye, but talk to me about wine any day and I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Marissa Perez

    I want to learn more about photography and logo design as well as website design lets be real i want to learn all about Graphic design.

  • Cecilia

    I’m learning Portuguese and crocheting!

  • I want to learn how to use html.

  • Nichole Igel

    This is incredible, i think i saved like 30 classes in 5 minutes! would love to set a goal to watch a different class every night!!! I can’t wait to get started!

  • Deborah

    I would love to learn calligraphy, yoga, and play the guitar!

  • Heather Cortese

    I have been wanting to learn how to meditate. I have been trying to do it, but my mind always wanders around to things I’ve got going on. I have also been wanting to learn how to use a MAC and all of the editing software. And lastly for 2016 I’d like to learn to stay more focused. As a single mom with 2 kids… I feel like I’m never reaching my goals because I’m so busy taking care of everyone else.

  • Shayla Greene

    I would love to learn how to crochet anything, basic sewing skills (by hand and machine) and I need to learn the basics of Photoshop

  • cassielouie

    Cooking meats well, get better at photoshop/lightroom, and just staying motivated to be a consistent/organized person!

  • Kat T.

    Hand lettering would be great! Or natural dying.

  • Nichole K

    I would love to improve my coding, illustrator and hand-lettering skills in 2017!